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We’ve seen a 150% growth in orders over the last 4 years

Danielle TurnerManaging Director

Flower delivery service has come a long way since its early origins in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.  Set up by managing director Danielle Turner’s parents, Erik and Sandra in 1989, the company initially operated from a three-by-four metre stall in Mansfield’s Four Seasons shopping centre.  It has since grown into a thriving Internet and mail-order business with a turnover of £7.2 million a year. 

Making the most of online business opportunities

When Danielle stepped up to manage the family business in 2006, she saw the potential to really push the internet as a new model for reaching their customers.   Flower delivery is a fiercely competitive market, but unlike many of its competitors, Bunches doesn’t have the expense of high-street stores or van delivery services to factor in, allowing it to sell high quality goods at a great price. “Because our service is so streamlined and we operate online, we’re able to keep our costs down" says Danielle.

To keep their service slick and customer friendly, Bunches use Opayo as their payment gateway. “We used a competitor to Opayo originally”, commented IT manager Barry Parkin. “But as technology moved on, we found that their systems didn’t.’  

Boosting customer confidence online 

Barry adds that was also experiencing a lot of basket abandonment with its previous supplier. “Many of the customers had already chosen their flowers and personalised their messages, but seemed to be put off by the need to enter a third-party site in order to make their payment," he explains. "Using Opayo has enabled us to integrate the payment process into, making a huge difference to customer confidence when making an order."

Be-spoke systems to suit your company

Another benefit of using Opayo was the ability to tailor the system to their needs and adjust the process accordingly.  

"With Opayo we could do things our way." Danielle explained, "At first we tried to keep the number of steps in the payment process to a minimum but our basket process actually needs to be a little longer than most as we need recipients addresses and to capture the accompanying messages.  Using the Opayo system, we could experiment with the number of pages and layout to find what worked for us.  In fact by adding an additional page, we were able to make the payment process clearer for customers and the conversion rates went up immediately. We’ve now seen a 150% growth in orders over the last 4 years".