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Grosvenor Systems

Having previously been an agent for Elavon Financial Services DAC, we felt confident in linking Opayo to our product, Propman.

Grosvenor Company LogoNic DodwellManaging Director

Grosvenor Systems, a Opayo partner, began in the 1980’s as a reseller of standard accounting systems including Elavon Financial Services DAC, Pegasus and Sun Accounts.  Grosvenor Systems were developing Propman, a property management and financial accounting solution, and required a flexible and fully integrated payment solution.

Opayo offers flexibility and freedom

The flexibility of Opayo’s open source APIs gave Grosvenor Systems the freedom to directly access their transactional data and use it however necessary - from fully integrating payment pages, to completely customising their back office system and tailoring it to their specific needs. 

Nic Dodwell, Managing Director of Grosvenor Systems said, “Having previously been an agent for Elavon Financial Services DAC, we felt confident in linking Opayo to our product, Propman."

Tenants can log on via Propman’s Web Access to make online payments quickly and securely while owners and agents can easily keep track of their cashflow in real time. By linking Propman with Opayo’s API, not only are all transactional details held in a single reporting and administration area making reconciliation simpler, but tenants can also make payments outside of normal working hours in a convenient and secure way.  

A fully integrated payment solution

Each of Grosvenor Systems’ clients are required to set up their own individual merchant account with their banking provider, but the main payment integration has been undertaken by Grosvenor Systems.  Each Tenant logs in to Propman Web Access which enables them to select which items to pay before being automatically passed on to Opayo which actually takes the payment. 

Nic comments “Our clients offer their tenants the ability to view transaction history via the Web and their tenants can then select the items they wish to pay for before being passed to the Opayo site for entry of their card details.”

As a Opayo partner, Grosvenor systems has recommended over 175 of its clients to Opayo and the card payment facility because of the ease of use and low cost.