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We’re in an industry with extensive levels of fraudulent payments, we needed a payment partner with widespread fraud checks to prevent chargebacks and loss of stock

Ben GossSales Processor

Powertoolmate, the ecommerce outlet for a major building supplies company, is one of the fastest growing brands in their industry. The building supplies company has been trading over for 50 years selling various building materials and consumables, and were growing increasingly aware of the power of ecommerce alongside the needs of the modern consumer. This, accompanied with the growth of the powertool sales, fuelled the need for an online platform to sell powertools and accessories.

Having previously utilised a well known online auction site as their primary medium for online selling, the company soon realised they needed a dedicated, specialist ecommerce website which could scale with them as rapidly as they were growing. And from this, was born.

Utilising a modern looking website, with a simple and user friendly interface, Powertoolmate quickly rose to be one of the largest independent online tool suppliers in the UK. Driven by their desire to provide customers with an experience they just won’t get anywhere else at the cheapest prices in the UK. Powertoolmate told us that they go above and beyond for all of their customers, no matter the size of the order, telling Opayo that We don’t take no for an answer – if an order has been placed past our delivery cut off time, we will endeavour to get that item out the same day if the customer needs it ASAP” and that “Although we state our standard delivery time is 3-5 working days, we ensure that they are typically delivered within 2 days.

Powertoolmate also introduced a first-in-industry online chat system, which enables customers to easily access a member of the customer service team for any queries that they may have, which will in return increase  customer retention rate as well as purchases. This has led Powertoolmate to receive a nearly perfect 5/5 on their review platform.

This level of passion for the customers is what Opayo thrives off of, and we love seeing the same from our customers.

We also asked Powertoolmate why they ultimately chose Opayo over our core competitors, as the choice for Payment Service Providers for a small business can overwhelming and often confusing.

They cited our as-standard fraud screening tools as a major factor in their decision: “We’re in an industry with extensive levels of fraudulent payments, we needed a payment partner with widespread fraud checks to prevent chargebacks and loss of stock” Alongside this, they also stated that our simple user interface inside MySagePay made it stress-free “to consolidate accounts and to search for customers’ payments”.

Powertoolmate also ensure peace of mind for their customers by having an easy to use and secure payment system, with an internationally known and trusted brand.

Ultimately, Opayo has been crucial in assisting the growth of Powertoolmate, by providing a scalable, simple and, most importantly, reliable ecommerce payment solution.


Powertoolmate can be found at


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