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Murco Petroleum

Opayo and Aspen Promototions offered us a great solution that takes the hassle away from our dealers - at a very competitive price.

Murco PetroleumPaul AlmondDealer Sales Manager, Murco
Each Murco dealer faces challenges familiar to all retail business owners; the struggle to stay ahead in the face of aggressive competition, the difficulty of maximising profits against rising costs and the pressure to provide excellent customer service. On top of this, as many dealers run multiple  businesses, there’s never a minute to spare. For these reasons, it’s vital that Murco dealers are  equipped with the best solutions to successfully run their businesses.
The Challenge
When the Dealer Team at Murco realised there was an impending problem with the card payment  terminals used by many of their dealers, finding a solution that could quickly and seamlessly replace their existing card terminals without causing major disruption across the dealer network became a priority.
The majority of Murco dealers were using equipment which had reached their ‘end of life’. The terminals were no longer certified by their acquiring banks and they didn’t have the ability to accept the soon-to-be-launched Chip and PIN cards from Allstar. This meant that dealers would lose business from customers that weren’t able to pay on the card of their choice.
A ‘one stop shop’
When the Dealer Team looked for a solution, they needed a cost effective and reliable alternative. Opayo and their partner, Aspen Promotions offered a ‘one stop shop’ for card payments, including merchant services, hosting services and card machines that would accept all major credit, debit and fuel cards.
Aspen Promotions worked in partnership with Opayo to offer a great price for the setup and support of Opayo’s hosted Vx810 card machines. Paul Almond, Dealer Sales Manager at Murco said: ‘Aspen Promotions and Opayo put the jigsaw together for us. They offered us a great solution that takes the hassle away from our dealers - at a very competitive price.’
The result
The new card payment terminals have been installed into 150 Murco dealers and have already proved to be a success. Enabling the acceptance of fuel cards has allowed dealers to increase their share of fuel card business sales and in turn, increase profit, whilst ensuring they remain fully secure and protected under PCI DSS regulations.
Murco was impressed with the Aspen Promotions/Opayo partnership, as they offered a ‘one-stop shop’ perfect for equipping them with everything their dealers needed to make changing card terminals quick and without causing disruption to their business.
Paul Almond says; ‘With all the pressures faced by retail fuel businesses, it’s vital that business owners can focus on the things that matter, like competing in the market.’
Chip and PIN payments have enabled Murco dealers to:
Exceed customer requirements 
The card payment terminal from Opayo accepts Chip and PIN payments from the Allstar fuel card, ensuring that Murco gains passing trade with business travellers.
Provide great customer service 
Opayo’s hosted card machine is fast, reliable and has an easy-to-read screen – ensuring speedy transactions and limiting queuing times.
Secure their profit margins
Aspen and Opayo work together to offer set-up and support of the card payment terminals at a great price so that dealers maintain their profit margins. 
Become fully compliant with security standards
Opayo’s fully PCI DSS compliant solution means profits are secure and businesses won’t incur fines or data breaches which could jeopardise both their customers and their reputation.
About Murco
Murco is an integrated oil company, operating in the UK since 1960. The Murco fuel brand can be found throughout the UK, operating through a network of around 450 stations, of which 225 are dealer operated and the remainder are company owned.
About Aspen Promotions
Aspen provide payment solutions and fuel card support. They have a wealth of experience in the retail and forecourt sectors; and specialise in bringing together all the parts of a card payment solution that is right for an individual business. Their ‘one-stop shop’ solution saves merchants valuable time and provides a cost effective solution for card payments. ‘It’s so important that basic things / necessary services – like taking card payments - are stress free, reliable and well-priced. For that reason, we offer Aspen Promotions’ services powered by Opayo to all of our dealers.’