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SSP Hats

‘Once we had the local payment options available we saw an increase in confidence in our service which led to a boost in both customer and order numbers'

Sarah FennellFinance manager

Customer: SSP Hats

Industry: Fashion Wholesale

Location: Lincolnshire

Product: Multicurrency and local payment types via Opayo partner PPRO Group

Result: Increased overseas sales through payment choice


As a wholesaler of hats and accessories, SSP Hats launched as a family business back in 1987. Having decided to expand their business to reach a wider customerbase, SSP Hats realised the need for local payment types and approached their payment provider Opayo for help…

The Challenge

Since its launch in the late 80’s, SSP Hats has grown to become the UK’s premier hat and accessories wholesale supplier. 

Looking to open the business up to a global customerbase and move into the overseas market, the team realised the importance of being able to offer customers the choice to pay in their own local payment type.  With further insight into local preferences and nuances, the businesses country specific agents reiterated just how critical this would be.  Finance Manager Sarah Fennell said

‘Our experience is that different countries will have preferred payment channels. The level of security confidence around different payment types changes from country to country and our challenge is to know which the best methods are for each country before we activate the web site.’

In particular, hoping to make Germany their next big market, research showed the SSP Hats team that although popular in the UK, card payments are not the main choice of payment for shoppers in mainland Europe.  So it was important that they offered an easy and simple way to process online payments that was appropriate for the customers in each specific country.

The Solution

Opayo’s partnership with the PPRO Group, specialist for alternative payment methods, enables them to extend their capabilities to better serve its larger merchant clients who are seeking to sell their goods online into the wider European market where traditional UK payment methods are not always recognised or accepted.  Together they were able to offer a variety of European accepted payment methods to SSP Hats including SOFORT, giropay, iDEAL and eps to serve customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

Opayo handled the process on behalf of their customer and were able to provide a cost effective solution which has had a huge impact on the SSP sales figures.

The Result

Sarah Fennell says ‘Once we had the local payment options available we saw an increase in confidence in our service which led to a boost in both customer and order numbers, for example in Germany we have raised the ordering customer numbers tenfold..

As well as increasing confidence by offering well known and trusted payment types, options such as giropay have enabled SSP Hats to offer a speedier service to our overseas customers with many able to receive their deliveries within 5 days of ordering, leveling the playing field with businesses in the customers own country.

‘Our customers love the wide choice of payment options available to them. Opayo is internationally trusted payment provider and we find this together with our professionally translated website gives them confidence in the company.’