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To ensure that your store is able to reach as many potential customers as possible, you need to offer as many methods of payment as possible. Figures show 6% of shoppers will abandon their basket if they are not able to make an online payment in their preferred way. In order to reduce cart abandonment and ensure your online store is catering to as many customers as possible, it is important to keep up with new and popular ways to make payments.


What Types Of Payment Method Are There?

There are many different ways to make payments online. Although you may not be able to offer every single payment method available, having a good range of different payment options makes your online store appeal to a wider demographic of customers. Some of the most popular methods for ecommerce transactions include; 

  • Credit cards 

    Credit cards are simple to use and secure and the most popular way for customers to pay online with 42% of consumers worldwide preferring to use credit cards as their primary online payment method. If you accept credit cards it means you are able to cater to international markets with credit card payment options. This can be done by integrating an online payment gateway into the checkout process.

  • Direct Debits 

    Direct debit payments are a common payment method for businesses with subscription services, such as gyms or magazines. When you set up a direct debit with a customer, you can collect payments straight from their bank, notifying them ahead of time what you are taking and when. The customer doesn’t have to do anything to make the payment happen.

  • American Express

    American Express tends to target more of a higher-income consumer than other credit card companies. They promise fraud protection, 24/7 customer support, and the flexibility to work with a number of payment processors and consider different add-on features. And they can accept over 120 currencies, so if you want to attract international customers, that’s a big benefit. Although it may be costly to provide, if you have enough high-value customers ultimately it will be worth it. 

  • Diners Club

    The diners club card is closely associated with  premium quality travel, leisure, and entertainment. It has more than 70 million users and is used in 190 countries globallys. In the UK the card is not widely used but airports and shops should consider accepting it, especially if they have regular high-income and business customers, otherwise they could lose out on revenue. Most merchant service providers don’t offer Diners Club acceptance however, some do offer contracts for it.

  • Digital Wallets 

    Apple Pay

    Apple Pay allows consumers to pay contactless and in-app. Consumers can securely store their credit and debit card details into their Apple Pay wallet and confirm payment by simply scanning their fingerprint with Touch or Face ID. 

    As an Apple Pay transaction is essentially a MasterCard, Visa or American Express payment you must make sure your payment service provider (PSP) is able to support Apple Pay transactions on your website. 

    Google Wallet

    Google Pay is available for mobile apps, ecommerce shops, and in-person checkouts and is easy to integrate into your ecommerce platform. With Google Pay all of your customer’s data is stored on Google’s system rather than on their device. Transactions are carried out between Google’s servers and your payment service provider (PSP) or payment gateway, offering a one-touch checkout experience for millions of Google users.


    Figures show, websites utilizing PayPal checkout convert at an 82% higher rate than sites don’t use PayPal. PayPal has the reputation for being a safe and secure way for its users to buy from merchants using a PayPal balance as well as a debit or credit account linked to their own PayPal account. 

    With PayPal for ecommerce, you can accept:

    1. Credit cards

    2. Debit cards

    3. PayPal

    4. PayPal Credit

    Amazon Pay

    Essentially, adding Amazon Pay to your ecommerce site makes it a lot easier for an Amazon customer to shop with you without having to insert their payment details into your checkout. This means you’ll reduce any barriers at the point of purchase, while also offering a payment option that helps prevent fraud. Amazon Pay is also mobile friendly, making it even easier to make a transaction.

  • Klarna

    Klarna is well-known among consumers for bringing better customer experiences to the e-commerce experience by allowing them to purchase items via instalments. According to Klarna, order value increases by 68% when customers pay with installments. Additionally, 44% of users would have abandoned their cart if they weren’t able to purchase items in four instalments. Klarna allows your customers to pay in instalments rather than upfront, and reduces that so-called ‘friction’ of the buying process. This then means fewer abandoned carts and more sales for larger amounts.


Why Accept Multiple Payment Methods?

Accepting multiple payment methods has a range of benefits for ecommerce stores, such as; 

  • Improved trust 

    For many customers, making a payment online is still seen as a risk and because of this they may have a preferred way to pay. Offering a range of different payment methods makes your ecommerce store appear more trustworthy, as you are taking the customer’s needs, preferences and security into consideration. When you provide multiple payment options it gives customers the green light to trust you. Companies like Paypal gain your trust through association. The more options you offer the more professionalism and legitimacy you show.

  • Attract new customers

    The best way to attract customers is to convey that your company uses traditional methods of payment processing, as well as embracing new technology to appeal to a new generation of customers. As a result, your business will not only continue to bring in sales for your regular customers, but will attract new customers who  choose to pay via certain payment methods, such as a smartphone, where card details may not be required or pay after delivery methods, such as PayPal or Klarna. 

  • Reduced cart abandonment

    Many customers will abandon a purchase if they are not able to pay in their preferred way. Offering a range of payment methods can reduce friction at the checkout process and encourages the customer to complete their transaction. Reducing cart abandonment can increase your conversion rate and revenue. 



With more and more different ways to pay, accepting multiple payment methods demonstrates to your customers that you care about their experience and preferences when they shop on your website. It also offers a more convenient way to shop online which can increase your conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and improve your sales.

At Opayo we offer a range of online payment services to help all businesses create a seamless checkout experience. With 24/7 UK based support, we are here to support you at any time of the day. For more information about how Opayo could help your business, explore our payment solutions or contact us today

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