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Brexit - What you need to know


Elavon Financial Services DAC (“Elavon”) established a Brexit Programme Office to prepare for a no deal Brexit and provide uninterrupted service to our UK and international-based customers after Brexit by establishing legal entities in the UK and EU.

As you will be aware, the UK left the EU on 31st January 2020 and entered into an 11-month transition period, ending on 31st December 2020. 

We have encouraged our customers to review information published by UK and EU governments as well as industry bodies, so they fully consider the impacts of Brexit and prepare accordingly. More information on Brexit can be found here:



If you need further information, please contact your usual Elavon support team. 

What preparations is Elavon making for Brexit?

Elavon is committed to providing uninterrupted services to all our customers during and after the Brexit transition period.  Elavon is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and has passporting rights into all EU/EEA countries, including our branches in Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Norway as well as the UK.  We have switched the vast majority of our EU/EEA merchants to our existing non-UK EEA branches. For the UK, we have established a “third-country” branch to maintain service to our UK customers post-Brexit.  

What are Elavon’s contingency plans? 

Beginning in 2016, Elavon prepared a comprehensive Brexit readiness plan that considers impacts to such areas as risk management, customer engagement, internal governance, contracts, taxation, data governance, outsourcing, and our staff. Our Brexit plan has been phased in as required to ensure uninterrupted customer operations.

Do I have to do anything as a customer?

Not all customers will be affected by Brexit. Each customer should fully assess their individual operations for impact. If we needed to make any changes to your service or require an action from you, we will have contacted you in November to December 2018 and transfer notices on xx?

What if I currently receive services in the UK from an Elavon EU/EEA entity, will you switch me to “third-country branch?” 

Elavon EU/EEA entities are able to conduct inbound passporting to UK firms. For UK Merchants currently receiving services from an Elavon EU or EEA entity, we will not therefore be moving services to Elavon’s “third-country” branch at this stage.

I am a new Elavon customer, how will this impact me?

All of Elavon’s new customers will be provided with an entity with the appropriate licences and permissions for processing. 

What do I need to do if I did not receive a notice on Brexit changes from Elavon? 

Not all of Elavon’s customers are affected. If we have made any changes to your service, we will have contacted you. 

What aspects of my relationship with Elavon are likely to be impacted by Brexit with consideration given to legal, settlement, processing and cost implications?

Based on our assessment to date and on interactions with card associations and other partners, we do not anticipate that there will be material changes in how we engage with or provide services to our customers based solely in or operating between the UK and the EU.

We continue to monitor developments relating to Brexit and assess these for the potential impact on our operations. If and when material changes are identified, we will advise customers as required on a case-by-case basis.  

Can I still accept cards issued across the UK and Europe? 

Yes. It is anticipated that cardholders will be able to continue to transact in the same way as they do today. 

Will the card schemes still consider UK as part of Europe for Interchange purposes?

This will be a decision made by each card scheme individually. Should we formally hear of any changes from a card brand, we will notify you via our usual customer communications. 

Could a trade deal be agreed between the EU and UK that enables current transactions and customer relationships to continue?

As of this update, a trade deal between the EU and UK has not been negotiated. However, Elavon has made thorough preparations to provide uninterrupted service in the event an accord has not been reached. If a last-minute deal is reached between the EU and UK that retains current trade, legal or financial provisions for example, we would assess these impacts further and implement any changes as needed to ensure uninterrupted operations and leading customer service.   

How will Brexit impact my contract with Elavon?

The vast majority of customers will not experience any material changes in our engagement, operations or their contract due to Brexit. All Elavon customers are contracted with Elavon Financial Services DAC, irrespective of location. We have already engaged with customers on an individual basis in the few cases where customer relationships may be impacted by Brexit.

How will Brexit impact my invoicing and Value Added Tax (VAT) rate?

Again, most of our customers will not experience any changes to their invoicing or VAT rate. In the individual cases where invoicing and the VAT rate may be impacted by Brexit, we have already engaged with our customers to ensure adequate notice.  

How will Elavon ensure my data is protected?

Elavon will continue to collect, use, share, and keep your data as set out in Elavon Financial Service’s Privacy Statement which is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Our processes enable data to be transferred both legally in and outside the EEA. We will continue to monitor any divergence in data protection laws between the UK and EU and ensure compliance with all relevant laws. Regardless of where we process your information, we will take appropriate steps to ensure an adequate level of protection for your data.

Is Sage Pay, now called Opayo, included within Elavon’s Brexit preparations?

Elavon acquired Sage Pay, now called Opayo, on 11 March 2020. Our Brexit Programme Office has developed a comprehensive readiness plan to facilitate uninterrupted operations for Opayo customers.  The vast majority of Opayo customers will not experience any material changes in our engagement, operations or their contract due to Brexit. We have engaged with Opayo customers on an individual basis in the few cases where relationships may be impacted by Brexit. 

What about the Brexit preparations for entities within Elavon Financial Services such as U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust, U.S. Bank Fund Services, U.S. Bank Depositary Services and U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Services?

These entities are included within Elavon Financial Services comprehensive Brexit Programme. Each business line has a comprehensive readiness plan to facilitate uninterrupted operations for customers.  In instances where customer relationships may be impacted by Brexit, we have engaged with customers on an individual basis.