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Product photography is vital for any ecommerce business. As your customers are not able to physically see or feel your products, your product images need to do the selling for you. Providing professional product imagery can also increase engagement with your website and build customer trust in your brand. 

Producing high quality product photographs does not have to be expensive. Discover our useful guide for how any ecommerce business can start creating professional product photographs that make your products stand out.


Types Of Ecommerce Product Photos

The main purpose of taking photos of your products for your website is to successfully convey to visitors what your product is and how your customers can use it. Here are 5 types of product photography to consider when photographing for your ecommerce store; 

  • Hero
    Big. Bold. Dominant. These dramatic shots are often used for social media posts, marketing campaigns or headers on your website to draw customers in. This style of image combines the visual features of your product with short and engaging text to encourage users to find out more.

  • Lifestyle
    Lifestyle photos feature your product in a styled scene to demonstrate to your customers how to use your product and demonstrate what makes your product special. This also gives you the opportunity to associate your products with a certain lifestyle to enhance its appeal to your website visitors. Lifestyle product photos are ideal for displaying decorative products or jewellery

  • Product
    Simple product photos with plain white backgrounds and minimal distractions allow users to visualise how they might use your product. This style of photography is ideal for almost all product pages and can be found on most ecommerce websites. 

  • 360-Degree
    This relatively new style of product display allows customers to move or spin the image to get a complete view of the item, creating a more immersive experience. 360-degree images are created using a fusion of software and sequence of panoramic photos, lined up to make a sustained circle around the point of shooting. These photographs are popular for displaying furniture, household appliances and shoes.

  • GIFs and videos
    GIFs or videos are a great way to display a product in action and can create visual clarity for users. They also allow for a more immersive experience and encourage user engagement with the product. GIFs and videos have also been statistically proven to increase sales. Approximately one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, and 84% of consumers are more likely to convert after watching a product video. 


Taking and editing ecommerce product photography

The quality and professionalism of product photographs can directly affect your brand image and trustworthiness, influencing potential sales. Creating high quality product images does not always require a professional photographer or studio. To get started taking great photos of your products all you need is a camera, tripod and a lightbox. Some products, such as food, people and clothes also often photograph better in natural light, making professional product photography even more accessible. 

Here are some key things to consider to produce professional product photographs.

  • Use multiple angles 
    One of the biggest challenges with ecommerce sites is that a customer can not see or touch your products. This is why it’s imperative that you show off your products from different angles to give customers a good idea of what your product is like.

  • Include product variants
    If your product comes in multiple colours, make sure to photograph all of the colour options. Doing so can help to create a more immersive customer experience and can improve your chances of making a sale.

  • Provide zoomed-in images
    Including zoomed in images or offering a zoom function on your photographs can allow customers to see the textures and patterns on your products.

  • Context
    Where possible it’s always beneficial to show how your products look in context. For example, showing how a particular dress may look on a size 10 and a size 18 model or a vase on both a plain surface and within a room setting on a shelf.

Once you have taken photographs of your products, you need to ensure that they are as clear as possible. Retouching photographs can help to make your photographs more professional and appealing to potential customers. Some of the most common ways to retouch photographs for ecommerce include; 

  • Background removal
    Tool you can use: pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop’s quick selection tool (“Select and Mask”)
    White backgrounds are an industry standard, and for a good reason, they remove the potential for distractions and direct focus towards your product. Also, they typically make for smaller file sizes which can improve your website page loading speed.

  • Spot retouching
    Tools you can use: Photoshop’s Clone Stamp tool and the Healing Brush tool
    Removing blemishes or smudges from your product images can keep them looking neat and professional.

  • Colour correction
    Colour correcting your images by increasing the contract will make your product even more prominent against the background. Editing photos in this way can also allow you to produce consistent imagery across your ecommerce site, reinforcing your brand. 

If you are tight on time and resources, there are plenty of free and affordable online tools available for easy photo editing. So no matter the size of your store, you can offer your customers informative and professional product images.


Linking optimisation of product pictures to SEO

Taking time to consider an appropriate name for your product images can be beneficial for your website’s search engine rankings. Ranking higher in search engine results pages is a great way to be able to reach a wider potential customer base. 

Once you have created and edited your product photographs, add Alt text to your images to help search engines to understand what your image is showing. Optimising your image’s Alt text with keywords and an accurate description can demonstrate to search engines your website’s relevance to a user’s search terms. This process is relatively simple and can ensure that your carefully crafted photographs are displayed to potential customers.



Conclusion/Next Steps

The way you present your products on your website can make the difference between securing a sale or losing out on a potential customer. Taking unique, high quality photographs is essential for making your product stand out from your competition. Implementing some of these techniques on your ecommerce website could help you to generate more traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. Take a look at our blog posts for more advice on how to create a successful ecommerce store.

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