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Grow Your Digital Presence

Published 12/05/2020

Growing Your Presence in your Local Area

The most important part of being a digital business is launching with a splash. Until you tell people you’re in business, they won’t know you’re there in your local community.  Here are some easy to implement tips:

1. Set up ‘Google My Business’. 

   o This helps to determine how it appears on Google Search and Google Maps.

   o From here, add the name of your business, location, opening hours, customer reviews, and photos 


2. Google Insights can provide your business with analysis on how people find you on Google, for example the words they are searching for.

  o Use this to help develop your Google paid search ads

  o Done well, paid search ads can drive new customers to your website


3. Make sure that your homepage clearly sets out what you do.

  o This improves the chances of customers finding you.


4. If you’re a restaurant, provide an online menu and make it clear you offer a takeaway service

  o In this current climate, it’s worthwhile going the extra step to articulate clearly your social distancing policy for delivery and pickup service.

  o This will help give confidence to your customers


5. Setup Instagram or Facebook to engage your audience in your local community, and update it regularly with new content


6. Claim your business on Yelp and on Foursquare, ensuring that all of your information is fully accurate and up to date