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What Are Product Videos

Product videos are an effective way for ecommerce stores to showcase the features and benefits of items on their website. Without being able to physically touch or see products in person, many potential customers may have questions about items that could hold them back from making a purchase.

Product videos give ecommerce businesses the opportunity to recreate part of the in-store shopping experience by demonstrating the key features of products and how they can be used. Product videos can also be a useful tool for increasing conversion rates, allowing you to make the most of your website traffic.


Linking Ecommerce Product Videos to Conversion Rates

Product videos can be a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates and improving the user experience across your website. According to recent research, customers who watch product videos are 84% more likely to make a purchase. Product videos can have a range of benefits for your ecommerce website including increasing user engagement, establishing trust in your brand and providing an enhanced customer experience, all of which can contribute to increasing conversions.


Conversion-Boosting Benefits Of Product Demo Videos

Ecommerce product videos can increase your conversion rates in a number of ways. Some of the main features of product videos that make them so effective at increasing conversions include:

  • Increasing user engagement
    Videos encourage your website visitors to spend more time on your product pages and learn more about the products that you offer. Videos are effective at telling a story and building a narrative and can easily grab visitors' attention, drawing their eye to the video. Encouraging customers to become more invested in your product’s details through the use of video can make them more likely to purchase that item. Videos are particularly effective at grabbing customer’s attention if they incorporate psychological cues through the use of faces, voices, body language and movement. Combined, these elements can help to convey the nature of your brand and can help to define user trust in your products.

  • Answering customer questions
    Videos are able to delve deeper into product specifics than a product description or photograph, as they can keep the attention of the customer for longer. Providing more detail in an engaging way can help to answer questions that customers may have had about your product which were holding them back from purchasing. 

  • Increased trust in your brand
    Many customers may be wary of making online purchases as they may not feel certain that they will get the item that the description and images promise. Inserting a video on your product pages can allow your business to be more transparent about your products and therefore appear more trustworthy to potential customers. Additionally, videos can help to humanise your brand which can allow customers to connect more with your business and products, encouraging them to purchase from your store.

  • Easy to share
    Videos are shared more than any other medium across social media platforms. Creating a successful product video can therefore not only increase conversions from your current website traffic, but also has the potential to allow you to reach more potential customers. 


Making A Successful Product Video

There are a number of key elements to creating a successful product video for any ecommerce store.

  • Be real and genuine
    Avoid exaggerating the features or benefits of your products as this could mislead your customers. While exaggeration may increase conversions in the short term, it can leave your customers dissatisfied and reduce trust in your brand. Product videos are a great opportunity to convey what makes your product and your brand different, and maintaining a genuine tone will allow your customers to more easily relate to your brand.

  • Keep it brief and concise
    The key to keeping your site visitors engaged in your product videos is to keep your videos short and to the point. Having lengthy product videos can cause customers to become disinterested, particularly if they do not address their questions in the first few minutes. If your product has different versions, consider creating separate videos so that you can explain the features and benefits of each version in enough detail. 

  • Engage directly with your customer
    It can be easy to become too focussed on talking about your product when making a video. Make sure that you are also addressing your customer’s needs, questions and interests. 

  • Make it shareable 
    A video shared on social media acts as a positive review for your product and increases awareness for your brand. This can allow you to reach more potential customers and increase your conversion rate over time.


Conclusion/Next steps

Taking the time to create effective videos for your product can have a range of benefits for your business, increasing trust in your brand and improving your conversion rate. With videos becoming an increasingly popular method of content creation and sharing, now is the time to start creating videos for your ecommerce store. For more helpful advice on how to optimise your ecommerce business, visit our blog. Or contact us directly to discuss how Opayo could help your ecommerce business grow.

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