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What is Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is a crucial problem for many ecommerce stores. You might have an amazing range of products and services but still, find that many of your customers are adding items to their basket and not completing their purchase. 

According to recent figures, the average cart abandonment rate is around 88%, with abandonment rates even higher on mobile than desktop. Therefore many ecommerce stores are keenly looking for ways to reduce cart abandonment on their site. Reducing cart abandonment can, in turn, increase your store’s sales and revenue. Although there is no way to eradicate cart abandonment completely, there are some steps you can take to reduce it. 


10  Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment

1. Avoid surprising customers with high fees and shipping costs at checkout
Be transparent about your shipping costs or additional fees from the off-set. Removing these surprises from checkout will increase your customers’ trust in your business as well as reduce the possibility of cart abandonment. Consider adding features like shipping cost calculators or displaying additional fees on product pages. 

2. Keep the shopping cart visible
Keep your basket icon visible on all of your website pages to keep reminding your customers about how many items they have put into their basket. 

3. Automatically save the contents of abandoned baskets
If a shopper has to leave your site and return later, saving the contents of their basket could help encourage them to complete their previously abandoned sale. This also streamlines the checkout process.

4. Optimise page load times
The world of ecommerce is highly competitive, and if your pages are too slow to load, customers may leave your site and search for their items elsewhere. Faster load times can also improve the user experience and increase engagement with your store.

5. Use trust seals in transaction forms
Many customers may feel wary handing over sensitive payment information, particularly if they have not shopped with you before. Including security badges throughout the payment process can increase your customers’ trust in your business, and reassure them that their information is being handled securely.

6. Include images of products in your shopper’s basket throughout the checkout process
Reminding your customers of what they are paying for can reassure them throughout the checkout process and encourage them to complete the transaction. 

7. Provide a guest checkout option
Providing guest checkout can really streamline your checkout process. Many customers may not want to or have time to create an account with you, providing the option for a guest checkout makes your products more easily available to shoppers and makes your checkout process more efficient. 

8. Offer multiple payment options
Providing the option to pay via a range of different methods allows your customer to checkout in their preferred way, and reduce the reasons for them to abandon their purchase.

9. Display clear and bold icons
Direct your customers towards the checkout using clearly visible and bold call to action buttons such as “proceed to checkout”. Bold buttons also simplify your website navigation, improving your user experience. 

10. Create a sense of urgency 
Displaying the number of items left or adding a countdown clock for time remaining on a deal will create a sense of urgency or scarcity, which can encourage shoppers to complete their purchase to avoid missing out.



Applying these methods could help your store to reduce cart abandonment and in turn increase your revenue and sales. At Opayo we offer a range of safe, secure and simple payment services to suit your business’s needs and help you to streamline your payment process. For more information on how Opayo could help you create a seamless shopping experience, explore our payment solutions or get in touch with us today via our 24/7 UK based support team.

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