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A 7 series guide, with 18 sections. Bringing you everything you need from checkout optimisation, website design and tips on improving conversion rate. 

Titles of the 7 series can be found below.

What’s included in the Guide?

  1. Checkout Optimisation.
    eCommerce checkout best practises, how to reduce cart abandonment, benefits on guest checkout and accepting multiple payment methods.

  2. Website Design.
    What makes a good product page design, the importance of good product photos and easy website navigation.

  3. Website Optimisation.
    How to reduce your website speed and price optimisation techniques.

  4. Website Optimisation for Mobile.
    How to fully optimise your website for mobile and mobile friend checkout tips.

  5. Sales.
    Tips on increasing your average order value online and the advantages of live chat support.

  6. Upselling And Cross-Selling.
    Tips for upselling and what is cross selling.

  7. Conversion.
    What is a good conversion rate, how to optimise for a better conversion rate.