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Starting up your business with payments

Find everything you need to know to start using payments

Guide for start ups hero block

Guide for start-ups hero block

Step 1: Apply for a Opayo account

Our standard package starts at £19.90/month and includes all the features you’ll need to accept payments securely online and over the phone.

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Step 2: Set up a merchant account

You can get a Merchant Account in two ways:

  • Apply through Opayo during your initial application. See pricing
  • Apply through another bank and share the merchant IDs with us afterwards

You can tell us which option you'd like to go for in the Opayo application form.

Step 3: Set up your website

A web developer will need to integrate our payment technology to your website. Compare integration methods.

Ecommerce software packages

To save you time and money, we also have a range of pre-existing integrations and pluginsavailable for most ecommerce software packages.

Developer resources

Visit our online support section for our integration kits, payment logos and troubleshooting help. Alternatively, we’re available 24/7 by phone or email.

Our partners

We work with a range of digital agencies, web developers and ecommerce software experts that can help with your integration.

Step 4: Test your website and go live

Before we get to the exciting bit – putting your account live – we need you to put through a test transaction followed by a refund using MySagePay.
Once that’s done we can make your account live. You will now be ready to start accepting payments.

Remember you must also have you Merchant IDs validated before we can make your account live. We can do this before or after your test transaction.

Step 5: Get your PCI compliance certificate

When you start accepting card payments from your customers you must get a PCI DSS certificate. This shows you are complying with payment industry standards. This protects you and your shoppers.

Opayo is certified to the highest level PCI DSS Level 1. This reduces your compliance requirements significantly unless you have chosen the direct integration method.

You can get your certificate quickly and cheaply from Trustwave, our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) partner.

Remember: If the bank setting up your merchant account(s) has their own Qualified Security Assessor partner then you’ll need to go with them rather than Trustwave.