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Merchant Number Addition Form

The timescale for adding a new merchant number on your account is between 5 and 7 days.

This is so we can add your new merchant number to your Opayo account, and send the details through to your bank to be confirmed.

Once we have the confirmation of your merchant number we will update your account – add your new merchant number to your account alongside your current merchant number and contact you to let you know the change has been made.

If you have asked us to wait for 3D Secure to be confirmed on your merchant number before adding it to your account, please remember this can take up to 21 days to be confirmed back to us.

When reviewing your completed merchant number addition form we will contact you if we need any further information.

As soon as your new merchant number is available we will have it active on your Opayo account.

We must have the completed form sent to Opayo from the listed Billing Contact email.  If we receive the form from the 

Completing the Form

To make sure that we can add your new merchant number without any delay it is important to ensure that the form is completed correctly and all of the information is supplied to us.


Confirming your Opayo account details                                                                                                                             

All we need in this section is your Opayo vendor name (used to log into your MySagePay admin panel) and your current merchant number.  

This is to validate the account that we will be adding the merchant number to.


Additional merchant account details                                                                                                                                       

This section of the form requires you to provide all of the details for your new merchant account that you would like to be added to your account.

It is very important to get this information correct as any incorrect details will result in a delay in the merchant number addition.

If your merchant number is provided by Streamline you will be issued with a 6 digit company number that needs to be entered.  If not we do not need this information.

You can also select if you would like to delay the adding of your merchant number until 3D Secure has been confirmed – by doing this the addition could be delayed by a further 21 days whilst we await confirmation of 3D Secure.


Confirming your account                                                                                                                                                              

All we need from you in this section is the bank information where the funds will be settled for the new merchant account details.


Download Merchant Number Addition Form