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How hospitality businesses are taking the hassle out of payments

It’s time to fix those payment niggles

Little payment issues have a big impact on your customers’ experience. And that’s only going to get worse as your business grows. We’re experts at eradicating payment niggles and can provide all the support you need to switch provider.

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How hospitality businesses are making payments pain-free

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  • Why minor irritations for customers can quickly become business-losing problems.
  • 5 payment CX issues that annoy and deter hospitality customers.
  • The techniques other growing hospitality businesses use to address their payment issues.

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How Opayo@Table reduces customer waiting times

  • No more underperforming card machines that won’t allow split bills. No more bad Wi-Fi or waiting for the one working machine.
  • See how a smart and powerful approach to payments, using Opayo and compact card terminals, is helping hospitality businesses serve their customers swiftly and effortlessly.

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How Opayo@Reception provides a ‘one pay, one stay’ service

  • Our solution is designed specifically to make paying for hotel stays quick and easy. It integrates with the Oracle Payment Interface – unifying all tills and terminals.
  • Find out how the ability to pre-authorise cards benefits both staff and guests.

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Minimise waiting times and stop losing sales

  • Process payments away from the till for a better customer experience
  • Sync in-store and online experiences so you don’t miss a sale
  • Simple to set up, industry-leading customer support and remote updates

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Help is always at hand

Help is always at hand

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Help is always at hand

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Help is always at hand

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Help is always at hand

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We were sick of no-one answering the payments helpline.

Now we’re sold on Opayo
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