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What customers say as they leave your payment page and what you can do about it

You want your business to stand out in just about every department.

But there’s one thing online for which no one wants to be remembered
– and that’s the payments process.

Just as in a restaurant people remember a bad waiter more than a good one, so when they’re shopping online they’ll only notice the payment page if it gets in their way.

The payments process needs to be so smooth, so natural, so unremarkable that customers hardly see it’s there.

This short guide will help you make it happen.

Why customers leave your payment page

What customers
typically say...

“The thingsin
my basket
were all over
the place.

I couldn’t see what I was buying, or how to change the quantity, or what the subtotal was or anything.”


...and why

Misaligned text, images and numbers can be very off-putting.

“For crying out loud…”

Too many fields, and no easy way of moving from one to the next.

“I used my tablet the first time and my smartphone
the second – and it was all completely different...

... I couldn’t see what was what.”

Magnifying glass

The payment process isn’t optimised to accommodate different devices and browsers.

I I ì T T £  4  4 Ѡ l l Ï å l l í 0 0 § 0 0 ÿ k k ѣ & Й 8 b b õ 1 1 ñ T T ƒ  f  f þ 0 0 $ r r ç 7 1 1 Э g g µ n n Ð.

I had to dig to see a payment method I recognised.”

Whether people are shopping from abroad or from within the UK, unfamiliar payment options can turn them away.

Long card number

And I’m a returning customer. Am I going to have to do this every single time I buy something?

I mean, really?”

It may seem more secure to ask people to rekey card details, but it’s also a nuisance for them. What’s needed is an approach that’s both simple and secure.

It doesn't have to be that way

What we'd like
customers to say...

“Hey, that updated price is
better than I expected...

I’ll have two of those, not one.”


...and how Opayo
can make it happen

Opayo’s new API means you can quickly design clear and simple payment pages that suit you and your customers. This means it’s easy to add functionality such as advertising similar products.

The documentation was simple. The customer service was excellent.”

Trustpilot review of Opayo

“Right then, where was I?

Here’s the basket I viewed on my tablet earlier.”

Tablet & mobile baskets

Opayo works consistently across all major browsers and devices.

“That’s sign-up out of the way.

Oh look. I wonder if they do those in blue?”

Shoes order click

Opayo helps you design easy registration processes, so customers can tab quickly through just a few fields.

I rang to ask a quick question about whether my account had a particular feature. It was explained to me that it hadn't, but in a few minutes it could. That's precisely what happened… and my account was enabled for the feature I wanted.

If only all customer service was this good.”

Trustpilot review of Opayo

“Oh good.

My purse is upstairs somewhere but it’s saved my card number.”


Opayo’s tokenisation enables customers’ card details to be remembered, without the need to store the sensitive data on your own server. Secure for your customer – and one less box to tick for your PCI compliance.

“I’d best buy this out of the household account – and look, there’s the card logo.”

Mobile credit cards

58% of consumers claim they would be more likely to shop somewhere that offered them multiple ways to pay.

2017 Payments Landscape Report

Opayo supports a wide range of cards and acquirers.

“This UK site has given me local payment options. That’s handy.”

Credit Cards

Once we had the local payment options available we saw an increase in confidence… in Germany, we have raised the ordering customer numbers tenfold.”

Sarah Fennell, Finance Manager, SSP Hats

Opayo adapts to country of customer origin. So a shopper in Berlin is offered payment options familiar to Germans.

One call is all it took to get American Express on the Opayo account.”

Trustpilot review of Opayo

Be remembered for the right reasons

People notice and talk about bad and ugly customer experience.
They notice and talk less about good service.

When online payment is beautifully designed and effortless, you’ll be remembered only for the great things you do.

Our payments page was hard to use so customers stopped trying.

Now we’re sold on Opayo
customers pay quickly and easily.

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