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Open up to new ideas and innovations

Now more than ever innovation needs to be practical. From partnerships that extend customer reach to digital services that enhance your omnichannel offering, options are available at a price point that encourage bold thinking.

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Putting imagination to work

Of the many questions faced by retailers, arguably the hardest is simply: how to survive today while preparing for tomorrow ?

Attempts to find answers from past truths alone are not going to cut it. The retail space has gone through profound change, as has consumer expectations. Instead new ideas are needed and fresh inspiration.

Those leading the charge are re-evaluating their core business models. They’re seeking dynamic new partnerships, adding exciting capabilities, or finding unusual ways to meet emerging demand. The new normal will definitely be a more fluid commercial environment, and those who thrive will do so by challenging traditional thinking.

Ideas and Innovations: Breaking from the old, embracing the new

Find out about demons in Brussels sprouts, and how this insight really does relate to the way retailers are responding to the current crisis – including the reinvention of core services and finding new ways to delight customers.

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Open up to a new normal with Opayo

Watch our animated infographic to discover how consumer habits have changed during the pandemic – and how businesses have innovated, pivoted and adapted rapidly in response.


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