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With our contactless card readers, you can give your customers a secure, fast and simple way to make payments costing up to £100 in the UK (€50 in Ireland) or under. Contactless payments are simple; when a debit, credit card or mobile device is held within a few centimetres of a contactless card machine, the payment is automatically processed wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC), eliminating the need to use a PIN for payments under £100. Whether it’s from the countertop, on the shop floor or whilst out and about, you can take contactless payments with a simple tap from anywhere.

Contactless Card Reader Features & Benefits

Our range of payment terminals for contactless payments are sturdy and resilient devices designed for a range of businesses from sole traders, restaurants and retailers to small businesses and everything in between. Accept contactless payments securely and provide fast, convenient payments for your customers.

Point-to-Point Encryption

Keep your customers data protected from start to finish.

Reducing queuing time

Speed up payment processing with a simple tap to keep your queues moving.

Give your customers greater choice

Let your customers choose whether they want to pay via contactless, Chip and Pin or via mobile device.

Simple and Easy-to-Use

With large colour touch screen displays, our pre-programmed terminals are easy to use and set-up

PCI-DSS Compliant

Reduce card fraud & ensure payments are processed securely.

Integrated EPOS

Integrate with current POS to eliminate error, streamline business operations and serve customers quickly.

Trusted by thousands of businesses

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Our Point of Sale Terminal Range

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Explore more of our payment terminal range

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Contactless frequently asked questions

Contactless payments are suitable for a wide range of businesses, including sole traders, hospitality, retail, SMEs and pharmacies to name just a few. With the use of contactless payments increasing ensure your business is set-up to take contactless payments to prevent loss of potential sales.
Yes, contactless payments are secure. Accepting payments both contactlessly and via Chip and Pin both use a Merchant Account which will check and approve customer payments before sending them to you. Payments using digital wallets also increases the level of security because the shopper can be biometrically authenticated. Digital wallets enable customers to complete high value payments above the current £45 limit for contactless debit or credit card payments. Our contactless card readers benefit from point-to-point encryption. From the point of sale through to the point the payment reaches the processor, the payment card data is encrypted and unreadable to protect your customer’s data. Our contactless card machines are also PCI-DSS compliant. PCI-DSS is the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which ensures card payments are accepted, processed, stored and transmitted in a secure environment. For more information read our guide to ‘What is PCI Compliance?’.
As of 15th October 2021, contactless payment limits were increased from £45 to £100 in the UK but remain at €30 to €50 in Ireland, this means if your customers debit or credit card is lost or stolen no large transactions can be processed. From 2021, under new Strong Customer Authentication regulation, where the cardholder initiates more than five consecutive low value payments per day, or where the total payments value exceeds €150 for contactless payments, the shopper will be asked to authenticate the payment using chip and pin.

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