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Our ecommerce fraud prevention tools utilise a number of methods to provide additional layers of security when transactions are made. With our advanced fraud screening tools, you can determine whether payments are genuine with checks such as two-factor authentication from 3D Secure, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV (Card Verification Value).


Fraud has a history of occurrence all around the world and is likely to continue to impact businesses in the future too. With fraudsters becoming increasingly sophisticated with their tactics, it is important for merchants to ensure that your best interests remain protected. Payment fraud can be incredibly damaging to businesses, with criminals resorting to using customer credit or debit data to purchase products and services both in person and face to face. There are infinite types of frauds that can occur at any time whether you are a small or large business.

We also offer a third party add-on service through ACI Fraud Management. This allows for merchants to incorporate a real-time fraud management solution that can help support authentic transactions and flag any fraudulent ones. Talk to the Opayo team today to learn more about our fraud prevention services.


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How does ecommerce fraud prevention work?

Although instances of fraud may be uncommon for many businesses, it is undeniable that experiencing fraudulent activity can also be extremely damaging, and even fatal to some. Fraud can cause a significant impact on a number of businesses, whether you are a large corporation or a small store. Not only can financial loss be stressful, but fraud can also result in the loss of customer trust in your business.

Opayo offers an ecommerce fraud prevention tool; we understand that when processing any type of transaction, the merchant needs to be aware of the potential risks of fraud and what can be done to prevent it.

With Opayo fraud prevention tools, you can help significantly reduce the risk of fraud that your business is exposed to. Through your Opayo account, you can have access to:

AVS/CV2 (address and postcode verification)

Both ecommerce fraud prevention tools use your customer’s personal information to verify the card details used in the transaction. With these checks, merchants will be provided with additional information on all e-commerce, mail order and telephone orders to help reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

3D Secure

Previously known as Verified by Visa, American Express Safekey or MasterCard Secure Code, EMV 3D Secure is another form of fraud prevention tool available through Opayo. 3D Secure requires customers to provide additional information to complete the transaction process. The SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) mandate in the UK and Europe requires the use of 3D Secure for online card transactions, but it is used widely throughout the world elsewhere.

The current version of 3D Secure will continue to be supported until the of 2020 where 3DSv2 becomes mandatory worldwide. The deadline for ecommerce compliance is the 31 December 2020 in Europe and the 14 September 2021 in the UK respectively.

With 3D Secure version 2, merchants can benefit from “frictionless authentication”. This will widely improve the user experience while ensuring that transactions are made securely and with minimal risk to your business. Learn more about Strong Customer Authentication on our resources hub here.

Enhanced Fraud Screening 

The Opayo enhanced fraud screening system is an extensive risk management platform which can perform reviews on transactions that have been processed through your Opayo account.

Every transaction is screened individually by our fraud screening tool. These results are then passed back through to Opayo to be displayed within your merchant account. Once the Opayo enhanced fraud screening system has reviewed the transactions, you will be given a numerical score along with one of three available ratings. These ratings are:

  • OK – Low Risk

  • HOLD – Medium Risk

  • REJECT – High Risk

Opayo Enhanced Fraud Screening 

Opayo fraud screening tools are an ideal way of helping protect your business against fraud and chargebacks. We can help you set up additional fraud prevention rules when you sign up with us. 

Ideal for all businesses who accept payments online, our ecommerce fraud prevention tools can assist you with authenticating purchases and ensuring that your customers have a smooth, secure payment experience every time. Opayo advanced fraud screening tools include: AVS/CV2, 3D Secure, Additional Transaction Checks that include PAF (Postal Address File) checks. 

  • AVS/CV2 checks

  • 3D Secure

  • Transaction checks that include PAF (Postal Address File) checks.

ACI Fraud Management

ACI Fraud Management is a third party real-time fraud management tool that allows merchants to monitor online and mobile transactions. ACI Fraud Management solutions can be tailored to your business’s specific needs and market of the customer to offer in-depth protection against fraudulent activity. Depending on what you decide, ACI fraud screening can be activated in two options of either intermediate or bespoke. Intermediate ACI fraud Screening is an activation of a predetermined set of rules which are specific to a particular type of business or sector.

Alternatively, if you require a more bespoke fraud screening service, the Opayo bespoke account is a premium feature which allows businesses to work alongside ACI Fraud Management to define your own fraud screening parameters. These transactions will then be reviewed every time they are processed through your account. 

If you are considering upgrading to ACI Fraud Management, please contact us for further information. 


Benefits of Fraud Prevention with Opayo


Opayo ecommerce fraud prevention tools can offer a highly tailored service with real-time reporting on every transaction. With a multi layered fraud prevention approach, you can use customer data as well as further authentication to identify suspicious transactions and prevent the processing of fraudulent payments.


We also aim to make the fraud prevention process as quick and painless as possible to set up. With simplified management and our team on hand 24/7 to assist you, you can be assured that your business and customers will be protected all year round.


There are many benefits to making use of ecommerce fraud prevention services. When trying to run a successful business online, being exposed to online fraud is a major financial risk that most people cannot afford to take. 

With chargebacks collectively costing merchants billions yearly, it is certainly in your best interest to take preventative measures to ensure that the fraud doesn’t happen in the first place.


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