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Integrate Drupal Commerce with Opayo

Drupal Commerce is one of the most scalable and cost-effective eCommerce platforms in the world. The platform is based on Open-Source technology, and benefits from being maintained by an innovative and diverse community of developers around the world.

The Opayo module has been developed by i-KOS, one of the most respected members of the Drupal Community.

Opayo for Drupal Commerce module lets you access all of Opayo’s advanced payments functionality – from a single, user-friendly interface in the Drupal platform.

Opayo module for Drupal includes:

  • Multiple payment options 
  • Single-Click Purchase functionality 
  • Customisable payment pages 
  • Inclusion of site-specific data in the shopping basket
  • Highly customisable security rules 
  • Ability to perform refunds, voids & repeat payments from your Drupal platform
  • Support for repeat payments and subscriptions

How does it work?

Opayo can be integrated with your Drupal platform in minutes. Setup is simple – you can select multiple payment functionalities and any integration type through a single module.  

The Opayo module can be downloaded for free from the website.


If you’re looking for help integrating the Opayo module with Drupal Commerce, have a look at our Partners who specialise in Drupal development.