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EQ Software integrates with Opayo

EQ Software is the market leader in providing kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailers and manufacturers with business management software and eCommerce solutions.

Developed by a team of professionals from the kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom (kbb) and IT industry, EQ is  the first dedicated business management software solution for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market. Today it is the market leader in providing  business management software for the kbb industry, with over 1 in 4 UK retailers or manufacturers using the system.

Opayo module for EQ Software includes:

  • Simple to install software
  • Multiple payment currencies 
  • 24/7 customer & technical support

How does it work

EQ Software offers links with the leading  visualisation, design and accounting systems, Including Compusoft (Winner and Inno+), ArtiCAD,20-20 Technologies, Kitchen Draw, Virtual World, Carat, Cabinet Vision, Autokitchen, Elavon Financial Services DAC, Pegasus and MYOB to name a few. Get in touch with them directly to request a demo about kbb business management software, e-store services and more.