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Integrate Kartris with Opayo

Kartris is a popular ASP.NET e-commerce shopping cart platform, known for its ability to handle over 1,000,000 unique stock items straight out of the box. Based on open-source technology, Kartris is free to use, providing your adhere to their terms and conditions.

The Opayo module has been developed by Cactusoft, a respected UK company known for being specialists in web development and e-commerce.

Opayo module for Kartris includes:
  • Free & fully open-sourced code
  • Multiple payment currencies 
  • Full UK & EU VAT handling
  • Form & Direct integration methods
  • Handles 1,000,000+ SKUs 

How does it work?

Kartris is designed to run on Microsoft’s IIS web server and requires some ASP.NET experience to set up and customise the module to your business needs. Due to the open plugin architecture of Kartris, Opayo’s payment gateway can be installed simply and quickly without any additional coding. You just need to decide between direct integration or form integration methods.