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Integrate Recurly with Opayo

Recurly is a leading subscription billing Saas provider. By specialising in one particular aspect of billing, Recurly have managed to make it easy to create and monitor secure subscription recurring payments. Their customer list includes Groupon, LinkedIn and Adobe to name but a few.

The Saas platform is easy and quick to integrate with, carefully created in-house by an expert team. The technology offers a host of functionality and includes integration into Opayo so you can rest assured your payments are secure. 

Opayo module for Recurly includes:
  • Simple to install Saas technology
  • Multiple payment currencies 
  • Insightful data and back office visibility
  • Smart automation billing options 
  • 24/7 Opayo customer support
  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliance 

How does it work?

Recurly works by providing businesses with a platform from which they can manage recurring and subscription based payments. This is ideally suited to businesses that need to take payments on a cyclical basis whether it’s every week, fortnight or month (e.g. magazine subscriptions). Whilst Recurly provide the technology, they still need a payment gateway to actually process the payments securely and that’s where Opayo comes in.