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Take payments – directly from your Elavon Financial Services DAC CRM system

The integration of Opayo’s payment technology into Elavon Financial Services DAC CRM enables you to take credit and debit card payments directly from your customer management interface.

You have the option to take a payment on the phone, or to send your customers a link to a secure web portal. Once a payment is made, the customer record will be instantly updated – allowing you to run a full report on their account (including the most up-to-date payment information).
The integration saves your staff valuable time, and improves the efficiency of your business processes as they only need to enter data into a single source.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Improved Service For Your Customers - Offer your customers the option to swiftly settle an invoice over the phone or via secure web portal.
  • Data Consolidation & Accuracy - Reduce the number of systems you use - access all customer data from one source, saving time and improving data reliability.
  • Enhanced Data Security - Taking payments directly from CRM reduces the risk of human error & potential fraud during processing.
  • Single View Of Your Customer - Instantly updated accounts help you understand your customer better including their payment preferences.

Intuitive, easy to use features

Once integrated, you’ll find a new ‘Opayo’ Tab inside each Company file within CRM. The tab contains all the functionality you need to process a telephone or online payment.

You’ll also benefit from access to all the usual Opayo features, including:

  • Fraud screening tools
  • Multiple payment options, including Amex and PayPal
  • Additional local European payment methods, including GiroPay, Sofort Banking and iDEAL
  • 24/7 UK based support for any payment queries.

Who can benefit from integrating Opayo to Elavon Financial Services DAC CRM?

The scalable nature of Opayo’s payments technology makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

The Opayo for CRM integration has been specifically designed to make payments easy for businesses with a high volume of payments collected from a distance - making it especially relevant for call centres, charities, telecommunications companies, and local authorities.

Seamless integration

It’s fast and simple to integrate the two technologies, thanks to the integration module developed by Enbu Consulting – the global experts in Elavon Financial Services DAC CRM solutions.

To get started, you’ll need to have:

  • Elavon Financial Services DAC CRM installed on your company systems
  • The Opayo for CRM integration module, available to purchase from Enbu Consulting
  • A Opayo account*
  • A Merchant Account* (a MOTO Account for telephone payments, and an ECOM Account for online payments).