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Partner Directory Instructions

What content do you need to prepare?

You need to prepare copy about your company and your services. To make sure you’re ready to build your new page please see the below guide on word count and content for each section.


Word count & Tips – Field name
Max copy incl. spaces
1. Company Name n/a There will be space to upload your company name and logo. Please ensure your logo is high-resolution.
2. Company Logo n/a 220px X 220px
3. Company Intro 130 This short sentence should describe what your company does.
4. Company Profile 400 This paragraph should expand on your company introduction. For example, how do your services help Opayo’s customers? What are your USPs? How many mutual customers do you have with Opayo? How do you integrate with our payment services?
5. Solutions & Services 550 This section should provide a clear overview of your key services. We suggest you separate them clearly using bullet points.
6. Company Address n/a If you wish, you can include the address of your office/s.
7.Contact n/a Let browsers contact you. Enter a ‘Sales’ email address which prospects can contact you from. Each time a prospect makes an enquiry, we’ll send it on to you with their contact details.
8. Website URL n/a Gain visibility for your company by linking back to your site.
9. Customer Details n/a The logos of up to 6 of your customers can be displayed on this page. They must be mutual customers of Opayo.
10. Meta n/a Tell browsers what type of Partner you are. For example, are you a Digital Agency specialising in email marketing? Perhaps you provide an Internal Management Solution like a CRM tool? Select from the drop down boxes in the Meta field. These will help prospects browse through our Directory and find your services.