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1.0 Overview of the Opayo Partner Programme

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1.1 What is the Opayo Partner Programme?
1.2 How does this programme differ from the current Opayo partner scheme?
1.3 What happens on launch date?
1.4 Is there a Partnership Agreement that I can review?

1.1 What is the Opayo Partner Programme?

This programme is designed to reward you, our partners, for your loyalty to us. We want to offer you the best benefits package in the industry as our way of saying ‘Thank You’.

We discussed our current programme with some of you and you told us you wanted greater support, an improved benefits package and recognition to those of you who consistently refer more vendors or revenue to us. We’ve listened and developed this new programme in response to your requests.

The new Partner Programme will consist of three tiers; Registered, Gold and Platinum.   We’ve improved the benefits on offer under the new scheme for all three tiers, as we want all partners to be rewarded, regardless of which tier they’re allocated.
Most of our partners will be allocated Registered status, but we’ve designed the Partner Programme to be aspirational, and we would be delighted to work with you to progress you through the tiers.

1.2 How does this programme differ from the current Opayo partner scheme?

We recognise that partners can either make a lot of referrals, or a few referrals which are of high value, and we want to recognise and reward both types. In addition we want to provide clarity on the level of support we offer at each tier and ensure that all our partners are rewarded by Opayo.

The new programme will provide a standardised set of procedures that ensures all partners receive a level of support and a range of benefits that are better than the current programme. As partners move up the tiers we’ll repay that loyalty with greater support and rewards.

1.3 What happens on launch date?

On this date all partners will be automatically enrolled on to the new Partner Programme and our existing programme will cease. 

1.4 Is there a Partnership Agreement that I can review?

For our new programme, we have produced a welcome pack, a sales guide and new terms and conditions. We’ll send you the welcome pack and sales guide soon. The new Partner Programme terms and conditions (that apply to all partners) can be downloaded here.