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4.0 Referrals and Commission

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4.1 How do I get referral commission?

Every partner is eligible to claim commission for each new vendor you refer to us. To make a referral, your vendor (or yourself on behalf of the vendor) signs up for a Opayo account using your Unique Partner Referral URL. We’ll provide you with this URL for submitting referrals.

The URL links to an application form for a Opayo account, and we use this to connect the vendor account to your partner record. By using this URL we can quickly and easily track your referrals, and pay you commission for the referral. We highly recommend you always use your Referral URL as it ensures we correctly compensate you for the referrals you make to us.
If you’re unsure of your partner URL please contact either your Account Manager or the Partner Administrator.

Once we’ve successfully signed up a new vendor and we’ve received cleared funds, you’ll receive commission one quarter in arrears. If you’ve chosen the self-billing option we’ll raise invoices on your behalf and will settle the account 30 days of receipt of the invoice. If you’re raising your own invoices, we’ll settle the account 30 days after receipt of the invoice.

4.2 Does the referral commission only apply to the new Partner Programme?

Under the current scheme we have partners who receive commission for each new vendor for two years, or they can receive one-off payments for each referral.

These current commission plans will continue, so for those on the two year scheme if you sign up a new vendor one month prior to the new programme going live, you’ll still be entitled to your two year commission period, on the proviso that the vendor trades with us for the two years.

For those partners who receive a one-off payment for each referral, there is no change to this process.