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Breckland Retail Services

Company profile: 

We are a Norfolk based EPoS company, specialising in supporting local businesses through the use of the latest EPoS solutions to boost productivity and prevent mistakes. We serve businesses nationwide, creating bespoke configurations enabling businesses to operate efficiently. We believe that it is important that your EPoS system should work around your business and be setup directly for you, which is why no two installations are ever the same as every customer will have different requirements.


Breckland Retail Services are there to serve small to medium sized businesses and offer out of hours services as standard to suit your needs. We have a team of dedicated engineers who will work around the clock to minimise impact to your retail operation as we understand that repairs and upgrades to the system needs to be done out of the normal office hours that so many IT and EPoS companies will normally charge a premium for. Most issues can be resolved remotely and over 95% of our calls are dealt this way saving you time & money and reducing the impact to your businesses.


There are no hidden extras when you purchase a system from us. Everything quoted in the proposal gives you everything you need to be fully operational. Our great value installation service, gives you peace of mind knowing you can switch from one system to another with all your existing items on there without having to add them in yourself. All of this and the setup will be done in advance, so you don't have to worry, at a time that is convenient to you 24/7, all for a one off fixed fee.

Solutions and services: 

EPoS Software & Hardware


Our specialist EPoS software from ICG Software is suitable for any business, whether it be a startup or a medium sized family chain. ICG Software has been serving customers for over 30 years, which has resulted in a product that can be fine tuned for each and every installation.

The three main variants of ICG EPoS are FrontRetail, FrontRest & FrontHotel.   

FrontRetail consists of any retail operation, often consisting of stockable items from cash & carrys through to fashion retailers. ICG have recently launched a new add-on product, ICG Stock Manager, allowing you to manage your stock, receive & send out items from any android device. For any fresh food operations, ICG can work with various types of scales to ensure that all data is accurately recorded and sold. For salesmen on the move, there is ICG AutoVenta which allows users to carry out sales out of the office over a data connection.

FrontRest can be anything from a small cafe, through to large restaurants with or without table service, through to nightclubs & bars. ICG was one of the first companies to have tablet ordering for waiting staff, which is now such a common feature in many establishments. Additional add-ons include, online ordering through an app, kitchen & order screens & Emenus

FrontHotel is a fantastic product for any small to large hotel, that can be combined with FrontRest so that meals and drinks can be billed to a room. This can subsequently have the room server app for added convenience to the guests.

All of these can be controlled via the back office in the very powerful ICG Manager, where you can manager anything from Purchases, stocks, loyalty points, sellers, price changes, mix & match, etc. All of the software is designed to be scaleable so that you can add additional functionality as your company grows.

Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect EPoS package for your business.


Website Integration


We offer website integration packages so that your ecommerce can be managed from the same data of your retail shop. Everything can be managed in one application and if the item sells out in the shop it automatically takes it out of stock on the website. Any changes you make in the retail data will automatically appear on the website so reducing duplication of work.


Support & Remote Assistance


If you have an issue or need help, give us a call and we will connect to your computer or till within a matter of minutes. We know how important it is for retailers to have working systems, which is why we ensure that a non functioning till that could impact the trade of a business is our highest priority call. Obviously all calls are important but if you can't trade we know how frustrating that is. 




If you have any questions regarding what EPoS solution might be suitable for you, then feel free to have a chat with one of our dedicated friendly technicians who will be able to advise and assist you.

Teaser summary: 
We have been providing and installing ICG Software, one of the worlds leading EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software companies since 2012, nationwide to retailers and restaurants who require a bespoke and feature rich solution without the hidden extras.
Breckland Retail Services
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