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Since 2005 we've helped hundreds of customers grow their business online. We take pride in delivering feature rich ecommerce and business management solutions specifically developed for enterprise B2B & B2C clients.
Company profile: 

Comgem has worked with clients across the UK and further afield in the delivery of successful ecommerce websites that will grow their business. With more than 600 features the Comgem ecommerce platform has all the features you need to run a successful online business. Whether you are looking to target other businesses or consumers you can be confident your Comgem ecommerce website will help you sell more with less effort. Our ecommerce platform delivers the following key benefits:

  • Fantastic customer experience
  • Makes it easy for your customers to find the products they want to buy
  • Optimised checkout process
  • Excellent support for loyal customers
  • Flexible product merchandising options
  • A comprehensive marketing tool kit

To see our ecommerce platform in practice request a free non-obligatory demo by calling 01656 330 360.

Solutions and services: 

Our feature rich ecommerce solutions include:

All of our ecommerce websites include a custom design and you have access to our dedicated digital marketing team. If you have more complex ecommerce requirements our team of software developers are familiar with integrating with third party solutions.

Teaser summary: 
Sell more with less effort. With more than 600 features the Comgem ecommerce platform has been designed to help B2B and B2C customers effectively grow their business online.
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