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Design Desk

Design Desk started trading in 1984 and over the years we have created a variety of marketing material and websites for small and large companies in Ireland. We at Design Desk are fast, friendly and reliable. We listen to you and we hope you'll listen to us to create the best project for your needs
Solutions and services: 

Your Website for €650

Our experts will build the perfect website for you. Our website package includes:
Design of your site
Writing your Text
Creating your text logo
Two Photographs
Registering your Domain Name
Organising your Hosting
A Mobile site for smartphones
Optimising for the Search Engines
A drag and drop edit system
Full help and support



We at Design Desk have been  designing and creating professional brochures at affordable prices for our customers for over twenty years. Brochures are like the shop front of a business. They provide your customers or prospects with an insight into your business.
Whether you want to create a business profile, provide information about a product or service, Design Desk will make your story interesting, compelling and visually appealing.
Together with your business knowledge and our decades of valuable experience in design, production and printing we will promote your business in the best way possible.



Promotions are a great way of attracting potential customers to your company. They can also reinforce your branding.
Promotions can project different images of your company, for example:
or Humorous.
Depending in which concept best suits your business.

At Design Desk we create promotions we are innovative. When the recipient discovers something special or beneficial for them in the promotion they naturally have a positive impression of your company.



A picture is worth a thousand words. Video delivers pictures and words. Engage your audience immediately. Have them involved interested, excited, educated and wanting more. With video you can present your message in a visually compelling way supported by demonstrations testimonials interviews and even dramatisations

At Design Desk we produce high quality videos but without the Hollywood extravagance, hassle or production costs.
Our videos will help you communicate effectively, get your message across in an entertaining and engaging way in just seconds or minutes.

Teaser summary: 
Our experts will build the perfect website for you. Our website package includes Design of your site, Writing your Text, Creating your text logo, Photographs, Registering your Domain Name, Organising your Hosting, A Mobile site, Optimising for the Search Engines, A drag and drop edit system.
Design Desk
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