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Draycir - Spindle Reconciler

Efficiency and versatility, go hand in hand Our products reflect exactly that. We're here to help you reduce workloads and streamline your credit control and document management.
Company profile: 

As the current Elavon Financial Services DAC ISV Partner of the Year, Draycir are specialists in creating document management and credit control software. Our practical solutions help businesses work smarter by reducing costs, improving cash flow and streamlining operational efficiency. We are dedicated to creating products with high levels of usability, supported by excellent resources and on-going development.

Solutions and services: 

What does the Opayo integration include:

  • Payments made into your bank account via Opayo are automatically reconciled in Elavon Financial Services DAC 200.
  • Payments can be manually reconciled and allocated against transaction or account.

How does Spindle ReconcilerTM work:

By adding a ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices sent with Spindle Professional, your customers will be able to instantly and securely pay you online via Opayo. With the help of Spindle ReconcilerTM, when the transaction is complete, the invoice payment is automatically reconciled back to Elavon Financial Services DAC 200.


Teaser summary: 
Spindle ReconcilerTM integrates Opayo and Elavon Financial Services DAC 200. It saves you time, by automatically updating Elavon Financial Services DAC 200 and allocating incoming payments against transactions and outgoing invoices.
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