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We are Everyone. An open-minded digital communications agency with a collaborative approach. We work with you to help create or develop your brand. Together, we'll make it relevant to the people you want to reach.
Company profile: 

Hello! We are Everyone,

Everyone is a digital agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. Having been a SAGEPAY partner for some years now, we have vast experience integrating their payment services with many platforms including Drupal, Cake PHP, Eskimo, Symphony, Joomla, Magento and many more. Our agency prides itself in being as adept at the design of your website as the back end technology. Our team have integrated with Opayo in many ways from recurring billing to multi-currency to the more straightforward ecommerce features that the offer. The business then couples this ability with a raft of digital agency services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, web design, web development and much much more! 

Here's a bit About Us, 

You can motivate people to do great things, and you can collaborate with them to achieve even greater things. When you bring people and ideas together, inventiveness and creativity come in an unstoppable flow.

And that's us in a nutshell. It's why we struck out on our own after many years doing the standard agency thing. We've got something to prove.

Now we're itching to put our ideas into practice.We want to work with you and the people you want to reach to create something everyone can identify with. Like you, we've got loads of ideas. So have your customers. Pull them all together and you produce something fresh and unexpected.

With over 20 Years in the digital media industry, clients have ranged from ASDA, Tennent's, All Saints, REISS, Bench, Gio Goi, Bench and many, many more.




Solutions and services: 

A great ecommerce site sucks visitors in, and doesn't let go till they've passed through the checkout. Along the way, they'll see and play with some irresistible merchandise. And as soon as they hit that 'buy now' button, automated processes spring into action – secure payment, order fulfilment, delivery. In eCommerce, you see all our skills come together – branding, technology, practicality, and creative inventiveness. That's how we create sites that bring customers back time after time.

You can't let your website go; you have to keep monitoring and adjusting. Luckily this is the most measurable medium there is. We can give you the tools to keep on top of what's happening, or we'll do it all for you. We'll find out what works and what doesn't. And every time we find a hole in the system – a page where visitors lose interest – we plug it.

A great idea is only as good as its execution. So we make sure our behind-the-scenes technology is so slick and so reliable, you barely notice it's there.
If you're like most people, you don't really want to know why one CMS is easier to use than another, how we build games and interactive sites, or why a bespoke app is so addictive. If you ask, we'll explain. But if you're happy to let us get on with it, we'll build you something that works like a dream – and integrates with all your other systems.
This is technology that brings your business to life and draws your audience closer to your brand.

You know a good site when you see it. You say 'wow' instead of 'so what?' There's plenty to do and plenty to come back to. Which means there's every chance visitors will send their friends along too. We'll help you put the content together that makes it happen – the games, the pictures, the information, the interactivity, the stories.

It's far easier to be lost online than it is to be found. You have to shout louder – or more effectively – than your competitors. So we work on two fronts. We'll fine-tune your site so it does well in relevant searches, and we'll get out there and sow the seeds of intrigue and curiosity that drive interested people to your site.

Although we love inventiveness, we don't do creativity for its own sake. We work to a brief – and the tighter, the better. Our ideas flow fastest when they answer a real business need.
We've created graphic and digital designs for everything from famous high street brands to underground music gigs. We know what works in print and online, and how branding can make or break a business. You can ask us for anything from an ID to an annual report to a 48-sheet poster campaign or fully interactive eCommerce website. And you'll love what we come up with.

Not shouting so much as whispering a few choice words in the right ears. When you get social marketing right, your message has a life of its own. It generates its own unstoppable buzz that brings potential customers flocking to your site. If you're ready for the rush, we'll seed your next brilliant idea into the social media.

Safe, secure, and always-on – that's what you want from hosting. No one can promise all three, but they can get pretty damn close. Our servers stay cool and fresh in their secure, air-conditioned compound. We sweat to keep it that way.

We never stop thinking ahead. In some ways it's easier for us because we know where the technology is leading. But it's not just a matter of 'where could you be?' The real issue is 'where should you be?'
So we'll be looking at what's best for your brand and your customers in a fast-moving and competitive world. When you have a sound business or strategic reason for a project – a new website, app, or rebrand – everything else slips into place.​

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We are Everyone. An open-minded digital communications agency with a collaborative approach. We work with you to help create or develop your brand. Together, we'll make it relevant to the people you want to reach.
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