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Created for smaller retailers such as butchers, farm shops and greengrocers who want to offer a competitive online shopping service in their local area. Very versatile and not just for food.
Company profile: 

FoodCommerce was created in 2005 working closely with Green Fields Farm Shop in Telford. Our goal was to provide independent food retailers with an answer to supermarket online grocery shopping.

Solutions and services: 

A very different type of e-commerce platform provided as a service

  • Delivery slots make a local service possible
    • Only shoppers in your delivery areas can place orders
    • Shoppers book the delivery day and time they want
    • Shoppers can make changes to their order after they have placed it
    • Retailers know which orders need delivering and preparing today
    • Retailers know the products needed for today's orders
    • Limit the orders you receive to your capacity to deliver
    • Fully customisable
    • Slot creation and deletion is fully automated
  • Charge for the exact weight you supply
    • Delay taking payment until you have prepared the order
    • Enter actual weights to recalculate order value
    • Take payment directly in the control panel
    • Customers' card details are completely secure
  • Themes give you full access to all the HTML and CSS
    • Responsive store front for improved experience on all devices - mobile, tablet and desktop
    • Full control over every page in your store
    • Add as many additional pages as you like
    • Create new themes and designs

Web designers who want to join us in offering this type of online shop to their clients are very welcome.

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Teaser summary: 
Created for smaller retailers who want to offer a competitive online shopping service in their local area.