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Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a free & open-source platform for freelancers & small-businesses to invoice & get paid online!
Company profile: 

We dove into the invoicing world with a vision. We wanted to create an open-source platform for users. We wanted to make payment processing easier by integrating with a large number of payment gateways. And we wanted to create an overall hassle-free, fluid, and most importantly free online invoicing and payment experience for users. Along the way, we developed additional features we felt would only a enhance a free online invoicing system including a live PDF creation tool, a client-side viewing system, a product library and more. We’re here because we believe online invoicing should be intuitive, innovative, and simple.

Teaser summary: 
Free Open-Source Online Invoicing & Time Tracking. Create invoices in seconds, integrate with Opayo, and accept payments online!