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Moltin revolutionises the way ecommerce is built. API based we enable developers to use any language or device. Our infrastructure enables everything from websites & apps to point of sale & backoffice software.
Company profile: 

A cloud ­based eCommerce API that gives developers the building ­blocks they need without the usual limitations. You can pick and choose the aspects of the system you want to use without having to wrestle with a framework, or even worry about on­going maintenance. Moltin gives developers the freedom to develop amazing experiences.

Our system works in any programming language on any device or platform, anywhere in the world. Our platform is the infrastructure for commerce everywhere, from physical retail stores through PoS & warehouse systems, to online websites, apps & simple “buy now” buttons. Even encompassing unconventional retail channels such as social selling, drop shipping, direct selling inside a google document and more! The freedom our API gives is unparalleled.

Moltin is a unique mix of cloud­based software that scales with your business, and a traditional platform allowing you to make the changes you need.

Solutions and services: 
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Cloud shopping carts
  • Checkout
  • Customers
  • Store custom structured data
  • Advanced discounts engine
  • Supports multiple currencies and tax bands
  • Responsive administration dashboard
  • Integrates with any platform
  • Shipping
Teaser summary: 
Moltin is the next generation of eCommerce that enables developers to use any language or device. Our platform hides the complexity of eCommerce behind our robust, flexible and scalable REST API.
Moltin Ltd
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