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With cart abandonment averaging 70% globally, chances are you are suffering too. Magento 2 default checkout, is not addressing the key reasons why shoppers leave without completing checkout i.e. forced registration, no order total upfront... Find out why 20,000 merchants trust OneStepCheckout.
Company profile: 

The ORIGINAL OneStepCheckout is one of the most popular extension for Magento with over 20,000 merchants trusting us and 200+ resellers and partners recommending our product to their clients. Since 2010 we’ve been trailblazing the path to an enhanced checkout for Magento. Our mission is to reduce cart abandonment by removing friction for online shoppers as well as making it simple for Magento merchants to customize their checkout.

Magento store’s checkout requirements are driven by their industries, their sizes, their business life stages and most importantly by who and where their customers are. Over the years, we’ve seen how each merchant is different, we solved tricky cases and have applied those learnings to add the most relevant features to our product.

With Magento 2, we are taking OneStepCheckout to the next level. We’ve designed our extension to be extremely modular and allow merchants to shape the checkout that they want with minimal development skills and resources. 

Today we are the best alternative to Magento 2 default checkout with over 1,000 stores trusting us including Nestlé, Everlast, Maxi-Cosi, Noritake, Zagg and many more.

We know how much effort you put in driving traffic to your store. Don’t let that go to waste. Maximize your conversion and return visits.

Installing OneStepCheckout is the single most effective technical change you can make to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Improving the checkout process results in more customers completing their sales, more customers coming back, and this has an immediate impact on your bottom line.

If you are reading this it’s because you get the importance of checkout for your business and that one should never compromise with this extremely critical process.

The best part is that we've been working closely with Sage Pay and now Opayo to make sure your favorite payment method is smoothly integrated with OneStepCheckout.

Play With Our Demo.

Solutions and services: 

Reduce Cart Abandonment

According to various studies, the average cart abandonment rate is above 70% globally. 

The key actionable levers that address the top drivers for cart abandonment are around:

  • reducing the number of pages loading
  • the registration process
  • showing all the cost upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • reducing friction in the checkout form by removing all necessary fields

Watch our video about what drives cart abandonment for Magento 2 stores.


Increase Conversion

"35% average conversion rate increase can be achieved with better checkout design" according to the Baymard Institute. Read more about Checkout Conversion here.

Our product simplifies the two native Magento checkout steps into one user-friendly page so that all the shipping costs and payment options are displayed straight away. Shoppers simply fill in their addresses and choose delivery/payment methods on the same page, rather than having to go through a separate step for each. Never before has checkout been easier and faster.

Our checkout is fully responsive and is very easy for merchants to install and customize the way they want, taking into account the various market specificities.


The Checkout Experts 

What makes us unique is that we are the only company focusing on one single extension: the Original OneStepCheckout. We don't spread our resources on any other extensions. OneStepCheckout is our core business. 

Since 2010, we've been working exclusively with checkout and conversion and have gathered insights from over 20,000 Magento stores worldwide all with different business models, set-ups and regional requirements. This unmatched expertise and rich experience allows us to stay on top of the game at all times, i.e. releasing new versions to keep up with the constant evolution of the Magento software and third party providers.

Click on the Review tab to see what our customers say about our original product and our legendary support team!


Compatible With 9/10 Third Party Services

With over 20,000 customers, imagine how many compatibility issues our technical team has been solving. With 25,000 hours solely dedicated to support and development of our OneStepCheckout product by the same developers since launch in 2010, you can be sure that our Magento 2 extension has been shaped to smoothen compatibility with all your preferred shipping/payment providers such as Opayo, as well as other useful extensions managing loyalty, store credits, gift cards etc...

In fact, as OneStepCheckout has become so mainstream that we find that other extensions and providers are the one reaching out to us to make sure they are compatible with us. In the unlikely event, our extension is not compatible straight away, we will work with the third party to fix that for you, free of charge.


Demo & Video

Because pictures and videos paint a thousand words, here are engaging quick and easy ways to understand what we do for your shoppers and for Magento merchants.


Key Features

OneStepCheckout is adding features based on our experience on the market and feedback from thousands of Magento merchants. We are obsessed about removing friction for shoppers and make it flexible and easy to customize for merchants. Our extension includes but is not limited to the features listed below.

General UX Features:

  • Checkout on a single page above the fold
  • Country auto fill with GeoiP localization
  • Auto-update prices and totals when changing quantity, shipping/payment method
  • Responsive on mobile devices and tablets
  • Possibility to change item quantities in the order summary area of checkout 

Field Management:

  • Disable unnecessary fields like fax, company, telephone, region and more
  • Choose the order the address fields appear

Shipping and Payment:

  • Set a default shipping/payment method
  • Auto-update available payment methods when user chooses shipping method
  • Auto-update available shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region
  • Compatible out of-the-box with 99% of extensions that follow Magento 2 API for shipment and payment functionality


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to customize CSS
  • Multiple registration scenarios including auto-registration


Support & Update Plan

Checkout is the most critical part of your online business. Since 2010 we have been servicing thousands of Magento stores with that in mind. The quality of our customer service is what built our reputation in the Magento Ecosystem.

With direct access to our team of experts who have gained unmatched experience on Checkout for Magento, you are in safe hands.

Get peace of mind by purchasing our OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan (SUP). You will get the best people to help you develop and maintain the checkout that you want through the rapid evolution of the market and ecosystem. We constantly release new versions to make sure our checkout works perfectly with the latest Magento patches and versions as well as that of and key payment, shipping provider and other third parties that integrates with your checkout.

Our SUP includes updates, patches, bug fixes and email support on an ongoing basis.

6 or 12 months of Support and Update Plan are highly recommended with your purchase through Magento Marketplace.

As our customers put it: 

"When you sell high quality shoes you can't afford to have an outdated checkout. With OneStepCheckout Support and Update Plan we know that our checkout will always provide the user experience that aligns with our brand. In fact, if we convert one additional order, it already pays off 12 months of their Update and Support." Jake Boyle, eCommerce Manager at Shipton & Heneage

Read more about our Support and Update Plan.



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Teaser summary: 
We are the best selling Magento 1 & Magento 2 extension that boosts your store's checkout conversion by addressing the top reasons for cart abandonment. Integrates well with SagePay/Opayo since 2010 | Trusted by +20,000 merchants like Cadbury, Everlast, Maxi Cosi and a long tail of SMBs.