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Our customers say they can't imagine doing business without Putler now! Putler is a sales analytics app that can aggregate transactions from different sources. Then process them and show you instantly useful statistics, charts and details. Putler can issue refunds and manage subscriptions too.
Company profile: 

Putler launched in 2009 to solve the problem of easy and quick access to sales data for online entrepreneurs. It is not meant to be an "enterprise class" app. It's designed to be useful from the moment you use it. 

Thousands of online stores use Putler daily. Some even say they can not imagine running their business without Putler!

Putler is a product of Apps Magnet. A company focused on building easy to use software products that solve real world problems.

Solutions and services: 

The Life Changing Sales Analytics App - X-ray vision for your business!

Putler takes care of tedious data collection and processing work, so you can get to sales analysis and business growth.

Putler aggregates transactions from different payment gateways and shopping carts. Then processes this data and shows you useful statistics, charts and details.  Putler can also issue refunds, manage subscriptions and work at blazing speeds even while offline!

Whew!! We stringed many words in those 3 sentences.. Truth is, Putler does that, and a lot more.

It was designed to make a web entrepreneur’s life easier, and is unique. There is literally no other software that does what Putler does...

To use Putler with Opayo, first, download Putler from Then add a new account of type Opayo. Continue authorization process and let it import your data. Within minutes you'd have an amazing collection of instantly useful reports from your store.

BTW, Putler comes with sample data so you can quickly understand if it'd be useful to you. Free and paid plans available. 

Teaser summary: 
Putler is the best sales analytics app in the universe! Connect it with Opayo and see an X-ray vision of your business in no time.. What's selling, who's buying, what's the trend and much more.