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Redrose Software Ltd

Redrose Software Ltd is dedicated to providing business system software and solutions to the footwear, fashion and apparel market sector. We aspire to provide the most functional, easy to use software for the apparel industry and provide friendly personal support.
Company profile: 

At Redrose it is our vision to be able to provide apparel businesses with simple to use yet highly functional solutions to enable them to maximise their potential.

We specalise in business system software covering Wholesale, Retail, Concessions, Web Portals and Mobile Sales Force.

  • Opayo partner
  • Elavon Financial Services DAC Accounts Business partner for Elavon Financial Services DAC 50 
  • Elavon Financial Services DAC Payroll Business partner for Elavon Financial Services DAC 50
  • Elavon Financial Services DAC Development partner for Elavon Financial Services DAC 50 and Elavon Financial Services DAC 200
  • Opayo customers include Dents Gloves and JuJu Shoes



Solutions and services: 

Footwear & Apparel Management (FAM) is our cutting edge business system designed exclusively for the footwear, fashion and apparel industry. 

FAM is a system dedicated to the apparel industry, and as such encompasses style, colour, fit and size seamlessly throughout the system.

FAM is installed at numerous apparel businesses in the UK and abroad, allowing them to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively.

FAM enables you to get at the information you need in a quick and easy manner so that you can service your customers and operate your business effectively.

FAM integrates seamlessly with Elavon Financial Services DAC accounts and Opayo.

The main functions of FAM are to :-

  • Manage your products and prices.
  • Manage your customers and their Orders.
  • Manage your supplier orders, the supply chain and your stock.
  • Produce the documentation you require to run your business e.g Order Confirmations, Purchase Orders, Invoices etc.
  • Manage distribution of stock to your customers.
  • Answer customer’s queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Produce your customer and supplier documentation. Invoices delivery notes etc.       
  • Produce reports for internal and external use.

The reasons to select FAM for your business are:-

  • Industry specific solution – FAM is only targeted at the footwear & fashion industry.
  • Easy to implement – A dedicated project manager ensures switching from your existing system(s) is easy.
  • Simple to use – Core functions are very easy and quick to operate.
  • Purchase or Rent licences – To keep capital expenditure down you can rent FAM giving you very affordable start up costs.
  • On hand support – Remote support is provided by staff with industry knowledge.
  • Well established customer base – You can be sure with FAM that it can do what you want. If it can’t we will listen and change it so it can.

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Teaser summary: 
Specialists in Footwear, Fashion and Apparel, Redrose Software Ltd is dedicated to providing multi channel systems and solutions in the apparel industry. A Opayo partner and Elavon Financial Services DAC business partner since 2008 we have ample experience to assist your business.
Redrose Software Ltd
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