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Predictive Analytics for ecommerce. Using buying history and impressions to identify imminent purchases for each individual consumer's, in support of marketing and promotional campaigns. The only system in the world integrated with Trustpilot for product ratings in outbound emails.
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Predictive Analytics Ecommerce empowering ecommerce retail. SwiftERM delivers the advance technology demanded by Enterprise and Community ecommerce retailers. Application of predictive analytics is appreciated to be the benchmark by which excellence is consumer sales is now measured. This is the perpetual driver of loyalty and maximizing sales, to ensure that regardless of seasonality or promotion the most products that each individual consumer will buy, given the right opportunity, is achieved. Email systems profess to have perfected the degree of analysis and segmenting for you. But the flaw in this process remains that individuality is ignored. This opens the door for error and inaccuracy, commonly mis-targeting. With SwiftERM it is impossible to do that. Each consumer is a unique individual, achieving the highest degree of accuracy of product content selection, we deliver that nirvana of customer-relations excellence – driven by individual selection. SwiftERM uses all the buying history and live impressions from each individual consumer. We watch where they hesitate, return, have affinity with, mix and match, how they style, identifying where their loyalties are, brand affinity – or not, price-point acceptance as they change etc. This system perpetually calculates how to maximize the product selection for each individual, so your communication cannot be more accurate. It contains all the items they most want to see, and are most likely to buy at that precise moment.

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Predictive Analytics for Ecommerce.

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Intelligent Email Remarketing
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