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Vision We’re causing a stir! No more commissions - no more middlemen. Just a monthly subscription cost for Zeevou's integrated management suite, where we offer an evolving kit of online tools tailored to all your needs. Simple, streamlined, and effective.
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We believe in people. While the Zeevou team was formed with a focus on technical expertise and relevant professional experience, we also wanted to provide opportunities to those who needed them most. By choosing Zeevou, you’re not only choosing the best solutions for your business, but also investing in social mobility. We work with small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to compete with large corporates by providing a level playing field powered by technology.


Zeevou’s founder, Na'ím Anís Paymán, has made it his life’s mission to advance civilization - and kickstart things if they seem a little slow! After doing his undergraduate studies at Cambridge University in the Natural Sciences, he decided to expand his interests through business, growing a short term rental company to hundreds of units within a few years. It was while he was dealing with the consequences of that rapid expansion that the idea for Zeevou was born. Designed as a lean startup with a focus on technology and innovation, Zeevou keeps ahead of the curve by using real life processes and feedback to update its features and functionalities.

Why us?


At Zeevou, we innovate.

The idea is not simply to tick off an ever-expanding checklist of offers, but to provide the features customers actually want.


What guides and motivates us at Zeevou is a futuristic vision of what hospitality should be. We spearhead change by paying close attention to customer ideas, implementing those ‘lightbulb moments’ and ensuring that the Zeevou experience is one that draws users back, over and over again.


Our system has been developed using the latest tech and is run on some of the world’s most powerful servers to ensure a fast, robust and reliable experience. If that sounds good to you... come and join us!

Solutions and services: 

What makes Zeevou different?

We do things a little differently, here's a quick overview of just a few of Zeevou's unqiue offerings.

General Platform Features


Zeevou is a cloud-based hospitality management hub which can be easily accessed from any device using a browser.
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Zeevou Hub

Design your own landing page with shortcuts and links, a powerful omni-search feature and sticky notes.
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Filter through any list with a selection of fields. Export as CSV/XLSX or edit data directly within a grid.
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Change History

Zeevou allows admins to track changes and train staff appropriately.
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Zeevou Cal

Multi-unit calendar showing all of your bookings in one view. Sub-calendars available by city with units grouped by property.
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Zeevou Book

A central database of your bookings, with all entries available to search, filter, or export as needed.
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Zeevou Sell

Manage your Rates & Availability on our hub. Maximise your earnings with add-ons and promotions.
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Zeevou Channels

Powerful channel management with 2-way XML integration to over 200 Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and Listing Sites.
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Zeevou Do

Manage your Check-ins and Checkouts, Cleaning, and Maintenance Tasks.
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Zeevou Huts

An innovative property management system (PMS) organised in levels from nationwide down to individual units.
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Zeevou Souls

Manage all the people involved in your business - guests, staff, contractors and investors. User types with pre-set access levels.
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Zeevou Pay

Automated security deposits, 3D Secure payment links, refund and invoice management. Full integration with Xero.
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Zeevou Show

Market your properties with Zeevou Show’s free auto-generated website and booking engine.
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Zeevou Check

Access easy to use, fully functional end-of-month financial breakdowns and build your own custom reports.
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About Us /ziːˈvuː/ [ZEE-VOO] Zeevou is an easy-to-use online platform that automates hospitality management - from marketing, to bookings, to operations. Replace your traditional channel manager and property management system with one unified hub.
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