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Enterprise Payment Solutions


Enterprise Payment Solutions

Our enterprise payment solutions are designed to help large commercial businesses offer and process customer payments from a range of payment methods. Suitable for payments made online, in-store, via mail, telephone or other devices. 

The way many consumers shop and pay is changing rapidly, with approximately 2 billion consumers choosing digital payment in 2020 alone. Opayo’s enterprise payment solutions are designed to help your business keep pace with changing consumer habits and ensure you are able to offer and process a range of payment options quickly and securely. 

Expanding your customer reach

Implementing enterprise payment solutions such as virtual terminals and online payment gateways, can allow your business to reach more customers and process multiple transactions from anywhere and at any time. 

Offering online payment options and using virtual terminals is fast becoming integral to businesses across a wide variety of industries. With cash payments steadily declining, many consumers are turning to digital payments or online payments when completing transactions. It is expected that 26.8% of consumers globally will switch to digital payments by 2021. With such a large percentage of potential consumers moving to digital payment methods, enterprise payment solutions need to keep pace with changing payment habits to allow businesses to continue to expand their customer base. 

Digital commercial payment systems offer a range of benefits for large enterprises across all industries.

  • Process payments safely and securely with end to end encryption 

  • Expand your customer reach by offering more ways to pay

  • Convert more sales

  • Accept all major credit and debit cards

  • Process transactions quickly time and again

Accept payments in-store with an enterprise POS system


Make it easy for your in-store customers to pay. Our range of enterprise POS systems are designed for use across a range of industries, accepting all major credit and debit cards, process refunds, offer gratuity options, provide cashback and dynamic currency conversions for more efficient in-store transactions. 

Our range of card machines can be easily integrated into your POS systems or ePOS systems to provide end-to-end solutions that allow for greater customisation and higher value transaction processing. 

We have an enterprise point of sale terminals to suit every business; from countertop card machines for fixed locations, to portable terminals to bring your payment solution to your customers, and for accepting contactless card payments anytime and anywhere.

Keep your business & your customers safe


Protecting your customers and your business from fraud should be one of your top priorities. We understand how damaging payment fraud can be to businesses, as well as the upset it can cause your customers who have fallen victim to fraud.

Our fraud prevention tools add additional layers of security when committing transactions and processing payments to significantly reduce the risk of fraud exposed to your business. These include:

  • AVS

  • CVV

  • 3D Secure

  • Featurespace Fraud Screening

  • PCI DSS compliance

With commercial payment solutions tailored to suit all enterprises, you know that your business and your customers are always protected. 

For more information, please read our eCommerce Fraud Prevention guide.

Get started with our enterprise payment solutions

Opayo’s enterprise payment solutions are designed to help your business adapt to changing consumer habits, allowing them to shop with greater convenience, however they choose to pay. 

For seamless integration and more efficient payment processing, our dedicated team will work closely with you to create a commercial payment solution that is tailored to your business requirements. 

Our team is available 24/7 to discuss your business’s enterprise payment system requirements.