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Benefits of upgrading to Protocol 3.00

Upgrading to Opayo protocol version 3.00 will give your business access to all of the newest features that are available to you.

Older versions of the Opayo protocols do not have the functionality of protocol 3.00.

To get the most out of your account with us upgrade to protocol 3.00 today.

What are the new features?

With the introduction of the new protocol your business is able to use a host of new features at no extra cost.


  Protocol 2.2X

 Protocol 3.00

 PayPal Integration



 European payment types 



 ACI ReD Shield Fraud prevention



 MasterCard Debit – Standalone



 Payment Page languages






 Basket XML



 Customer XML



 Bank Authorisation Code returned



 Improved Decline Codes




Each new feature will give you and your business more control over transactions processed through your account.

This can be as simple as getting more information returned with a transaction when it is processed through your account, to using the new and improved basket contents that are available.

You can even include surcharges on your transactions alongside capturing more information on every customer that uses your website.

If you would like to improve fraud prevention, protocol 3.00 enables you to implement our premium fraud prevention tool ReD Shield into your account. 

Important – ReD Shield is a premium service and as such is billed alongside your Opayo account at an additional cost.

For businesses trading in multiple countries the European payment types, and payment page languages will allow you to offer a more tailored solution to your international customers.

Why should I upgrade, my account works fine

One of the main reasons to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol is that you will not get any of the benefits and functionality that has been released on our system.

By using an older version of the Opayo protocol you are not making the most of your account with Opayo.

Also, older versions of the protocol will not receive any development work moving forward and will remain in their current state.

If you are using protocol version 2.22 or older you will not even have access to any of the previous improvements offered with the introduction of protocol 2.23.

By upgrading to protocol 3.00 you are getting the maximum use of your account and will be able to offer you customers a more complete transactional journey.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading to protocol 3.00 is quick and easy.

The first change needed is to change the version of the protocol that is being used to process your transactions.

Next, you will need to download a copy of the Opayo protocol 3.00 guide and update the fields that are being sent by your system to Opayo.

If you have a web developer they will be able to do this for you, alternatively if you are using an off the shelf shopping cart please speak with them directly about upgrading your protocol.

Enable protocol 3.00 today and make the most of your Opayo account.