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Card types & merchant numbers

Each merchant account that is issued can differ in the cards that are accepted.

Once issued with your merchant account you will be advised to which cards are accepted through your merchant number, and in turn what you are able to have active on your Opayo account.

We currently support the following cards; 

Card types accepted through your Opayo account              

Each of the card types that you are able to accept is determined by the agreement you have in place with your merchant bank.

Depending on the currency, and bank you will be able to accept a set amount of card types.

Standard Cards

Card Types that are accepted on most GBP merchant numbers as standard are; 

Standard cards accepted through your Opayo account - VISA, Electron, Debit, masterCard, and Maestro          

These cards are available on your account once set-up and will allow you to process transactions without issue. You also have the option - when using Opayo protocol version 3.00 to process MasterCard Debit as an individual card type on your account.

Only vendors using Opayo protocol 3.00 can have MasterCard Credit, and MasterCard Debit as separate card types on your payment pages. If you are using an older version of the Opayo protocol you will not be able to use this feature.

Other Cards

Some cards that can be accepted through our systems will require you to obtain a specific merchant number to accept.  


If you would like to accept the above cards you will need to speak directly with the issuer in order to accept this card type.


Some cards are only available when you are accepting a specific currency.

International Maestro cards are available to process in Euro however they are not available when you are processing a transaction in GBP.


If you are accepting multi-currency we always advise speaking with your merchant bank to clarify which cards can be accepted on your account.


Certain banks allow additional cards to be accepted through your merchant number as standard when processing transactions.


If your merchant number is issued by either Natwest Streamline or Barclays merchant services you are able to accept JCB without obtaining another merchant account.

If you are using any other merchant bank and wish to accept this card you must contact JCB directly to obtain a specific merchant number.


If your merchant account is provided by Lloyds TSB Cardnet you will be able to accept diners card without having to obtain a specific merchant number.

For all other banks you will need to speak with card issuer directly.

  • Elavon
  • Allied Irish Banks