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Direct Integration - 3d Secure

If you are using the Direct method of integration you will need to control the 3d Secure process on your own site.

Direct allows you complete control over the payment process as your shopper will never leave your site while making a purchase.

Because of this 3d Secure will need to be handled by yourselves when active on your account.

How does it work?

Now that you have decided to use Direct for your integration you are in complete control of the transactional process.

We will still receive the details from your site but the capturing and security of the transaction, and the card details is your responsibility.

If you are using 3d Secure as an additional fraud prevention tool you will also need to integrate this into your site.

Once all of your shoppers details have been captured on your site you will send the details through to us as normal in the transaction registration post.

We will verify all of the details of the transaction to make sure the payment is ok to process and then we will contact 3d Secure to make sure the shoppers card is registered for 3d Secure.

Once this has been confirmed by 3d Secure they will give us the URL (ACS URL) that you will need to send your shopper to for their 3d Secure password to be entered.

Along with this we will pass back to you the MD value and the PAReq result. You will need to use these details when re-directing your shopper through to the 3d Secure password page.

At this stage you will also pass to 3d Secure your own TermURL – which is where the results of the 3d Secure authorisation will be sent once the shopper has finished entering their password.

Now that you have re-directed the shopper to the 3d Secure password page (this is called the PAReq stage) they will enter their password and 3d Secure will verify that this is correct.

They will then send the results of the authorisation to your TermURL along with the MD value.  The results are displayed as the PaRes (Password Response value).

You will then forward the response from 3d Secure onto us by using our 3dSecureCallbackURL.

We will then be able to store the results and send your transaction through to the bank to be authorised.

Direct with 3D Secure integration map

The transaction will then follow the normal direct integration process to complete.

How many steps are there in the 3d Secure process?

There are only 4 steps when it comes to 3d Secure.  Each step has its own name and can be used to break down what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

The steps are :

  • VEReq – Verification Request – This is when we contact 3d Secure to see if the shopper is registered for 3d Secure.
  • VERes – Verification Response – Is when 3d Secure confirm back to us that the card is registered and they give us the password page URL to forward on to you.
  • PAReq – Password Request – You will then re-direct your shopper through to the password pages so they can enter their 3d Secure password and complete verification.
  • PARes – Password Response – 3d Secure will then confirm back to you if the shopper has either passed or failed the verification.

After the final step you will just need to send the information onto us so we can complete the transaction for you.

How do I get all of the information to start the integration?

All of the information you will need to integrate 3d Secure into your site can be found in our protocol guides.