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Protocol 3.00 - Additional Fields - Transaction Registration

Alongside the new Basket, Surcharge, and Customer XML fields protocol 3 now includes a number of other fields that you can provide us with your transaction registration post.

These fields are –

  • Referrer ID
  • Vendor Data
  • Language
  • Website


Referrer ID –

The referrer ID field is for Opayo vendors who are linked with one of our partners.

The field enables you to provide us the name of your partner when a transaction is processed so we can ensure that your account is linked to your partner correctly.

This helps when tracking how active our partners accounts are, and lets you tell us who you are linked with when it comes to integration with Opayo.

Referrer ID is sent to us as part of your transaction registration post when you process a payment through your account.

The field has a 40 character limit and to be used correctly will need to include the unique Opayo reference of the partner who you are linked with.

An example of a referrer ID field is –



Vendor Data –

The vendor data field lets you send us an additional field with your transaction that can contain anything you wish to apply to a transaction.

If you would like to apply a note to the transaction, a reference number for the member of staff who took the transaction, a name, a customer reference or ID, or any additional information the vendor data field is place to pass this.

The field accepts 200 standard alpha-numeric characters (Aa-Zz, 0-9) and is included in the transaction registration post. 

Because of the size you are able to effectively pass this field through to us as a text box containing the information that may not have been captured in the standard fields you can pass with your registration.

An example of the vendor data field is –

VendorData=Transaction for customer 112345 taken by Opayo over the phone

The field can also be seen in MySagePay in your transactions screen.  Although called “Reference” within MySagePay, the information captured in the vendor data field will be displayed here.

MySagePay transaction list fields


Language –

When buying online a lot of websites offer their customers a number of different languages for their website.

The language field allows you to dictate what language you would like your payment pages to be displayed in.

As standard, the default Opayo payment pages support English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.

If you would like to have additional languages – and you can, all you will need to do is download a copy of our custom templates and edit the i18n.xml file.

The field simply needs to include the 2 character reference for the language. 

The specific codes needed are the ISO639 countries list.

An example of the language field being passed in the transaction registration post is –



Website –

A lot of Opayo customers have more than one website where they process transactions through our system.

The website field lets you tell us which site the transaction is being sent from. 

If you have more than one website using the same Opayo account it can sometimes become confusing trying to understand which transactions are from which websites.

By using this field you are able to put the site name in the field in the transaction registration post when you send this to us.

The field will accept 100 characters so you can pass the full website address with the transaction –



All of the information on the new fields that can be included in your transaction registration post can be found in our protocol and integration guides.