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ACI ReD Shield - Understanding the process

The ReD Shield Fraud prevention system is an additional service that is available to all Opayo customers.

Running in place of the fraud screening service ReD Shield provides you with real time transactional analysis that can be used to automatically manage all transactions that are processed through your Opayo account.

What is ReD Shield fraud screening

ReD Shield fraud screening is an independent service that works alongside the Opayo system to limit and fight payment fraud.

The solutions offered by ReD Shield are tailored to the specific needs of the business using the platform.   

Any business using the bespoke offering will work with ReD Shield to define their own fraud screening rules/parameters that will review all transactions processed through the account.

Each business that uses ReD Shield fraud screening will also have access to their own administrative (ReD Shield CSI Portal) platform directly from ReD Shield.  Here you are able to review, manage, and amend transactions that have been processed through the account.

As the results for transactions screened by ReD Shield are not visible within MySagePay any reviews must be carried out from within the ReD Shield CSI Portal.

How it works

When a transaction is processed through your Opayo account the system will follow the normal transactional process.

With ReD Shield being active on your account the information for the transaction will be provided to ReD Shield before the transaction is sent to the bank for authorisation.

ReD Shield will then run the transaction through their platform, and against the rules that you have active on your account.

Once this has been done the transaction will be assessed and a mark of – Accept, Challenge, or Deny will be returned.

Each mark will provide you with a more detailed impression of the transaction –

Accept – the transaction has passed the rules and checks carried out by ReD Shield and the transaction has been accepted and sent on for authorisation.

Challenge – The transaction has triggered a number of rules and it is advised that further investigation is carried out before the goods are sent to the customer.  The transaction will still be sent for authorisation, however it is advised that steps are taken to ensure the transaction is not a risk to your business.

Deny – The transaction is classed as a risk and has triggered a range of rules that will prevent the order from being completed.  Transactions returning a value of deny are not sent on for authorisation.

How do I get ReD Shield on my Opayo account?

If you would like to enable ReD Shield on your Opayo account you simply need to call our team on 0845 111 4466 and they will be able to get you started.