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Opayo Version 3.00 - what questions to ask?

When upgrading to Opayo version 3.00 you’ll need to speak with your developer to make the changes to your website.

To help you do this, we’ve listed below the information and resources your web developer will need in order to upgrade your website to version 3.00.

1. What version am I currently using?

You’ve already been informed that you are using a Opayo version that is older than 3.00.  However, in order to upgrade smoothly you need to know which version you are currently using. This will help your developer identify what changes have to be made to your website to keep you processing payments.

This can be obtained by either:

  • Logging into your MySagePay portal – you will see a banner along the top of the screen that highlights which version you are currently using.
  • Speak with your developer – when a payment is processed the versions are passed to Opayo. Your developer can check your code to obtain the current version.

2. Do you have documents to help me upgrade?

Your developer will need to understand and implement the changes on your website. We’ve provided a series of documents for this which will enable your developer to:

Simply direct your developer to our resource page where they can download all of the information they need.

3. What changes need to be made in order to upgrade?

Your developer will need to make changes to the way that information is sent from your website to us. To determine exactly what changes need to be made depends on which version you’re currently using. So providing an answer to question 1 is very important.

We’ve produced a series of guides to help your developer with the upgrade work, and are listed out here:           

4. Do you have my encryption password?

Your encryption password is used by your website to send relevant payment information to us.

This should already be available to your developer. If not, then you will need to provide it to them.

How to find your encryption password is explained in our article.