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SERVER Integration –The Notification POST

When processing a transaction using the server integration process there is a step that requires your site to respond to the outcome of the transaction, this is the Notification POST.

What is the Notification POST?

The Notification POST is sent from Opayo to your server at the end of the transaction. 

It informs you of the status of the transaction and requires a response.  This is so you can complete the process and transfer the customer back through to your website.

What is sent to me in the Notification POST

When the notification post is sent to your server it will include a number of fields, these are –

  • VPSProtocol
  • TxType
  • VendorTxCode
  • Status
  • StatusDetail
  • TxAuthNo
  • AVSCV2
  • AddressResult
  • PostCodeResult
  • CV2Result
  • GiftAid
  • 3DSecureStatus
  • CAVV
  • AddressStatus
  • PayerStatus
  • CardType
  • Last4Digits
  • VPSSignature
  • FraudResponse
  • Surcharge
  • DeclineCode
  • ExpiryDate
  • BankAuthCode
  • Token

You can obtain a full description of each field from the Opayo SERVER protocol and integration guide.  Once your server has received the Notification POST you will need to respond to Opayo in order to complete the transaction.

Responding to the Notification POST

Once the Notification POST has been received your system will need to respond with confirmation of the transaction and the URL that you would like to send your customer too.

You will need to send Opayo –

  • Status
  • RedirectURL
  • StatusDetail

Once we have the response we will re-direct your shopper back through to your website so the transaction can be completed.

What if I don’t respond to the Notification POST?

If your server does not respond to the Notification POST Opayo will cancel the transaction and prevent it from processing.

We don’t however just cancel the transaction after 1 Notification POST is sent to your server.  We will attempt to contact you for a further 29 days after the transaction has failed.

Opayo guarantee to notify you about the success of failure of every transaction that is sent to us.  If you do not respond after the first Notification POST Opayo will send –

  • 1 Notification POST per 1 second for 10 seconds

These are identical in content to the original Notification POST that is sent to your server.  If we still do not receive a response to the Notification POST we will cancel the transaction and change the status in the Notification POST to ABORT.

We will then continue to send posts to your server at the following intervals –

  • 5 Notification POSTS  - 1 sent every 5 minutes
  • 15 Notification POSTS – 1 sent every 15 minutes
  • 13 Notification POSTS – 1 sent every 1 hour
  • 29 Notification POSTS – 1 sent every 1 day

If we still do not receive a response to the Notification POSTS within the 30 days Opayo will stop attempting to contact your server and mark the transaction as complete. 

Which Notification POST do I need to respond too?

If your server does not respond to the notification post we will send another attempt.  Your server must respond to latest notification post that is sent by Opayo.

Any responses to older to notification posts Opayo will ignore it and look for a response to the latest post that was made from our server to yours,