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3D Secure not loading

If the 3D Secure password page is not loading correctly this could be because:

  • 3D Secure is currently unavailable
  • 3D has not been integrated correctly
  • The scheme has not been set-up

This could only be a temporary disruption to the scheme but if you are unable to complete your transaction contact the company you are ordering from directly.

They will then be able to resolve the issue and if needed, arrange for another payment.

Has my money been taken?

If you have entered your card details and you are stuck on the 3D Secure page then no funds will have been taken from your account.

When your card details have been taken they will be checked to verify if you are part of 3D Secure before being sent to be authorised.

If you are getting stuck on the 3D Secure steps then your order will not be sent to the bank for authorisation, and no money will be taken.

Can I still order?

You can, the first step you will need to take is to contact the company to let them know you are having trouble making your order.

They will then be able to help you complete your purchase using the website.