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How to get my transaction refunded?

If you would like a transaction that has been processed using the Opayo payment pages refunded you will first need to contact the site where you made the purchase.

Opayo capture the credit and debit card in a secure environment and do not have the authority to refund transactions that have processed through our gateway.

Once you have made your purchase, you will be given the details of the site or business that you can use to query any aspects of your order.

Requesting your refund

To obtain a refund for your order you MUST first attempt to contact the business directly.

Please ensure you provide the business with - 

  • Your order number
  • Date of Purchase
  • Amount
  • Contact Details

The business will then be able to locate your transaction and perform the refund.

How long does it take?

Once you have requested a refund, we advise giving the business up to 5 working days to complete this for you.

After they have issued the refund, and confirmed this back through to you the funds can take a further 3-5 days to clear into your account.

It is important to remember that once a refund has been issued and the funds settled back in to your own account that your bank have a clearing process that must be followed.

If the funds have not cleared 5 working days after the refund has been issued, contact the business again to ensure this has been carried out.  

Problems with your refund

If you have any problems with your refund check out one of our other pages that will be able to help you obtain a refund - 

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